• Therm O Web Spray N Bond Quilt Basting Adhesive Spray, 7.2 OZ (204g)

    Spray n Bond Basting Adhesive is a temporary bond spray adhesive for fabric. Use it in your design phase for pattern piecing, for figuring out applique placement, hold templates onto fabric and assembling landscape quilts. Use it during sewing to eliminate pinning of appliques, for holding stabilizers onto fabrics during embroidering, or to hold backing fabric to batting.

    • Brand: Therm O Web
    • ASIN: B007POWZGG
    • UPC: 000943040101

  • Krylon K07020007 10.25-Ounce Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray

    This easy tack repositionable adhesive is non-wrinkling, low odor adhesive provides a repositionable bond on most lightweight materials. Allow your material to be adjusted, removed and reapplied throughout the life of the bond. Works on wood, paper, metal, plastic, craft foam, glass, plaster, fabric, trims, glitter, photos and more. Extremely flammable. Contents under pressure. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Comes in 10.25 ounces aerosol can.

    • Color: Transparent.
    • Brand: Krylon
    • ASIN: B000A8AYO4
    • UPC: 724504070207

  • Elmer's Craftbond 11-Ounce Spray Glue Adhesive

    Great for adhering and mounting lightweight materials such as fabrics, leather, metal, canvas, paper, plastics, foam, rubber, foil, films, photos, cardboard, wood, glass, and felt. This fast-tack, acid-free spray 11 ounce.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Elmer's
    • ASIN: B00178QR1K
    • UPC: 026000004220

  • gladon Spray Adhesive 17-Ounce Can

    This easy-to-use spray adhesive is a must-have for quick, easy and permanent application of your wall foam. Economical and specially designed to bond wall foam to itself and other hard to bind surfaces. Spray is packaged in an aerosol can with a high volume spray nozzle. 24 fluid oz, 17 oz. net weight can.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Gladon
    • ASIN: B003CTL4ZG
    • UPC: 726807122409

  • Aleenes All Purpose Tacky Adhesive Spray, 11-Ounce

    Aleene's Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky Spray is a super strong, multipurpose, permanent spray adhesive. Unlike other spray adhesives, this unique formula provides an extremely strong bond once dry, but it also allows you extra time for perfect positioning.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Aleene's
    • ASIN: B001689P10
    • UPC: 707004773311

  • Elmers Craft Bond Extra Strength Spray Adhesive

    Elmers Craft Bond Extra Strength Spray Adhesive

    • Color: clear
    • Brand: Elmer's
    • ASIN: B003ZFW68G
    • UPC: 026000004282

  • Bob Smith Industries BSI-157H Maxi Cure/Insta-Set Combo Pack (3 oz. Combined)

    Maxi-Cure extra thick CA is the best CA for most plastics, including GE’s Lexan MAXI-CURE is the best choice for plastic model assembly. When used with INSTA-SET, it works better than any putty for modifying or filling voids. It can be carved with a knife or razor blade and sanded and feathered to form a finish indistinguishable from plastic. MAXI-CURE bonds fiberglass, hardwood, metal and rubber better than any other hobby adhesive. For gluing to the inside, cloth textured surface of fiberglass, scrape the area to be bonded with a razor blade or coarse sandpaper before using MAXI-CURE or any other adhesive. It also is best for bonding the tires for R/C cars. INSTA-SET is a catalyst which acts as an accelerator that allows CAs to quickly cure in thick layers by enhancing the alkaline conditions during polymerization. INSTA-SET in a spray bottle is normally used to cure the CA that flows from joints when parts are pressed together. Applying an additional bead of thick CA along a seam and then curing it with INSTA-SET significantly enhances a joint’s strength. For difficult to bond materials, INSTA-SET can be applied to one surface and CA to the opposite surface. When brought together, they will bond instantly. INSTA-SET is formulated with a strawberry scent and activates CA in...

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Bob Smith Industries
    • ASIN: B0166FFCHS
    • UPC: 707336157087

  • 3M 77 Super Multipurpose Adhesive Aerosol, Clear 16.7 Oz. Aerosol Can

    An easy way to apply adhesive to large areas. Bonds many papers, cardboard, foils, plastic and foam. Lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) percentage formula. Versatile professional grade aerosol offers fast tack and high coverage. Dries quickly, resists moisture. Transparent when dried.

    • Color: Transparent
    • Brand: 3M
    • ASIN: B0000AZ735
    • UPC: 021200498688

  • Odif Usa 6-1/2-Ounce 606 Spray and Fix Fusible Adhesive

    Aerosol Can; 6-1/2 fluid-ounce. 606 is a new-sew fusible adhesive for applique and quilting. Make any fabric stabilizer or paper fusible. Adhere paper images to fabric permanently; fuse any stabilizer for machine embroidery fabric applique pieces. Contains 6.5-ounce of: Odorless; Acid-Free; Washable and Dry Cleanable. Danger: Extremely Flammable (contains non-volatile components-butane propane and ethanol). Keep out of reach of children.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Odif Usa
    • ASIN: B001685PXC
    • UPC: 695301431433