• The Good Daughter: A Novel

    Two girls are forced into the woods at gunpoint.One runs for her life. One is left behind . . .The stunning new novel from the international #1 bestselling author—a searing, spellbinding blend of cold-case thriller and psychological suspense.Twenty-eight years ago, Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s happy small-town family life was torn apart by a terrifying attack on their family home. It left their mother dead. It left their father—Pikeville’s notorious defense attorney—devastated. And it left the family fractured beyond repair, consumed by secrets from that terrible night.Twenty-eight years later, Charlie has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a lawyer herself—the ideal good daughter. But when violence comes to Pikeville again—and a shocking tragedy leaves the whole town traumatized—Charlie is plunged into a nightmare. Not only is she the first witness on the scene, but it’s a case that unleashes the terrible memories she’s spent so long trying to suppress. Because the shocking truth about the crime that destroyed her family nearly thirty years ago won’t stay buried forever . . .“I’d follow Karin Slaughter anywhere.” —Gillian Flynn

    • ASIN: 0062430254

  • Bougainvillea

    BougainvilleaHere's another chance to read this unforgettable tale of romance and suspense from New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham!After twenty years, artist Kit Delaney returns to the lush Florida estate that harbors a million childhood memories…and a deadly legacy. Has the man she's fallen for restored her to her birthright—or lured her to her doom?

    • ASIN: B016UEJHRQ

  • Sea Rose Lane: A Hope Harbor Novel

    Three-Time RITA Winner Invites Readers Back to the Captivating Coastal Town of Hope Harbor After a devastating layoff, attorney Eric Nash heads back to the town where he grew up--only to discover that his childhood home is being transformed into a bed & breakfast. Instead of plotting his next career move in peace, he's constantly distracted by noise, chaos--and BJ Stevens, the attractive but prickly blonde architect and construction chief who's invaded the house with her motley crew.As for BJ, her client's son might be handsome, but after a disastrous romance, dating isn't high on her agenda. Yet when they join forces to create a program for Hope Harbor seniors, might they also find healing, hope, and a new beginning themselves?Three-time RITA Award winner Irene Hannon takes readers back to Hope Harbor for a new season of charm, romance, and second chances.

    • Color: Sea/Rose
    • Brand: Baker Pub Group/Baker Books
    • ASIN: 0800727541

  • What Did Jesus Look Like?

    Jesus Christ is arguably the most famous man who ever lived. His image adorns countless churches, icons, and paintings. He is the subject of millions of statues, sculptures, devotional objects and works of art. Everyone can conjure an image of Jesus: usually as a handsome, white man with flowing locks and pristine linen robes.But what did Jesus really look like? Is our popular image of Jesus overly westernized and untrue to historical reality?This question continues to fascinate. Leading Christian Origins scholar Joan E. Taylor surveys the historical evidence, and the prevalent image of Jesus in art and culture, to suggest an entirely different vision of this most famous of men. He may even have had short hair.

    • ASIN: 056767150X

  • A Witch's Harem: Reverse Harem Fantasy

    Sadie Matheson is a bad witch. Not like a cool bad witch, who kicks ass and takes names while being evil in the process. But like a crummy, stinky, inept witch who will never live up to the Matheson family name or the greatness of her mother or grandmother. When another great spell goes awry and she turns her dachshund into a parrot who still thinks he’s a dog, she decides maybe it’s better to leave Salem and give up witching altogether…until the O’Sullivan boys come along and turn her life upside down.An ancient prophecy? Check.Four, sexy warlock heroes with giant…egos and even bigger hearts? Check.A book you won’t want to put down? Ohhh yeah!

    • ASIN: B0768KL42J


    This book, Milton Brener’s third on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials, is a giant leap. He delves into an analysis of much current scientific evidence that appears to add credence to claims of early hybridization of the human race. It is an entirely new and novel approach, but a very readable and one. It is a challenge to readers to think constructively of the new and novel. It revolves around the coalescence beginning about fifty thousand years ago of several significant and scientifically proven occurrences. One is the beginning of the pale skin tone of Europeans. Brener systematically dismantles the accepted scientific explanation for it and drives home the fact that the only other living creatures with similar skin tone are the extraterrestrials, often known to many witnesses of high credibility as Nordics. Unlike other ETs, these Nordics look like us, though some are said to be remarkably tall and, also unlike others, leave the contactees with very positive feelings. Another major occurrence, the great transition, was the relatively sudden appearance of modern behavior, including artistic genius, timekeeping, and creation of musical instruments. The book is truly a tour de force.

    • ASIN: 1466970308

  • Taking the Team: An explicit hotwife group menage (eXplicitTales: Group Fun Book 1)

    I told my man, Gary, if his team won the match, there’d be a special reward. A reward for the all eleven making up the squad. When the final whistle blew and the game was over, the time came to make good on my promise. We would go into the locker room and the whole team would get a go. It won’t be long before I’ll be showered and filled from all sides.

    • ASIN: B00VG97RNM

  • The Crystal Lithium

    James Marcus Schuyler (November 9, 1923 - April 12, 1991) was an American poet whose awards include the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 1980 collection The Morning of the Poem. He was a central figure in the New York School and is often associated with fellow New York School poets John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, and Barbara Guest. These poems were published in 1972. "The pain and tenderness of sexual love are made memorable in a deceptively casual tone: And lighter than a zeppelin the sense of touch brushed lightly one against the other we two, together here among the leaves"

    • ASIN: 0394481445