• Vertical Premium Leather Carrying Case Pouch Holster with Magnetic Closure Rotating Belt Clip For BlackBerry Curve 8350i

    Vertical Premium Leather Carrying Case Pouch Holster with Magnetic Closure & Rotating Belt Clip Vertical Premium Leather Carrying Case Pouch Holster with Magnetic Closure & Rotating Belt Clip for Cell Phones Premium quality leather (Man-made) with great craftsmanship! Inside of case is made of material that will not scratch your phone! Wear your phone sideways on your belt and always have it at your reach! Leather wrapped rotating metal clip in case you want extra security! Secure magnetic phone flap closes automatically after you slip your phone back into the case. Color: Black Soft lined interior Push down Belt Clip Magnetic Closure!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ebuy

  • Rugged Case Durable Pouch Cover Holster Metal Clip with Belt Loop for Samsung Rugby 2 / 3 / 4 / Convoy 4 / Kyocera Cadence / DuraXV / DuraXA / Pantech Breeze 4 / LG Cosmos 2 / 3 / Casio GzOne Ravine 2

    Specifically Designed for BARE Phones or Slim Skin case on them. Also Compatible with / For: Animas Ping Alcatel Sparq OT-606A BlackBerry 7130c 7130g 7130v 7130 BlackBerry Curve 8350i Casio GzOne Ravine 2 Casio Gzone Ravine Deltec Cozmo Disetronic Spirit HTC Mogul XV6800 HTC P4000 Titan HTC PPC 6800 HTC TyTN 2 2 Kaiser P4550 HTC TyTN 8525 HTC Wing Herald P4350 Kyocera Cadence Kyocera DuraXV / DuraXA LG Banter AX265 LG Cosmos 2 LG Cosmos 3 LG Enlighten LG eXpo Monaco Pico GW820 LG Extravert 2 VN280 LG FREEDOM II 2 UN280 LG Optimus Zip VS700 LG Rumor 2 AX265 LG Rumor 2 LX265 (ONLY) LG RUMOR LX260 LG Scoop AX260 LG Tritan AX840 LG Xpression C395 Minimed Paradigm Revel myTouch 3G 1.2(Only) myTouch 3G Slide Palm Centro Palm Treo 650 / 680 Palm Treo 700p Palm Treo 700w 700wx Palm Treo 750 750v Palm Treo 755p Palm Treo 800w Pantech Breeze 4 IV Pantech Impact P7000 Pantech Swift P6020 Samsung Array - Montage Samsung Comeback T559 Samsung Convoy 4 Samsung DoubleTake Samsung DoubleTime i857 Samsung Exclaim M550 Samsung Gravity T T669 Samsung Impression A877 Samsung Intensity 1 U450 Samsung Intercept M910 Samsung Montage Samsung Rant Samsung Rogue U960 Samsung Rugby 3 Samsung Rugby 4 Samsung T401g Samsung Transfix R730 Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760 Sanyo Juno SCP-2700 Sooil DANA Diabecare IIS...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Krofel
    • UPC: 721405190416

  • Blackberry Curve 8350i Holster with Swivel Belt Clip - Non-Retail Packaging - Black

    Carry your BlackBerry smartphone in style with the BlackBerry Swivel Holster. Your BlackBerry smartphone works with the custom designed BlackBerry case to maximize battery life without missing a message, and allows users' to create personalized in-holster profile settings. The holster also is designed with a newly designed BlackBerry swivel clip which provides the user maximized comfort wearability. Features: Built-in grooves constructed of hard plastic run along the front and back insides of the case to protect the trackball Multi-rotational RIM Swivel Clip Magnetized proximity-sensing technology Part Numbers: HDW-20959-001/HDW20959001The BlackBerry Holster with Swivel Belt Clip, manufactured by BlackBerry is compatible with the BlackBerry Curve 8350i phone model

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BlackBerry
    • ASIN: B00LXL6OLY
    • UPC: 616913319261

  • BlackBerry 8350i Curve OEM Holster

    Black plastic BlackBerry 8350i Holster with fixed 360° swivel belt clip. Provides easy access to your blackberry 8350i holster back8350i. Clips to belt, backpack, or purse. Locking mechanism holds phone securely. Made of hard-wearing plastic with durable construction. Larger Picture * Benefits the rugged, no-nonsense way to carry your BlackBerry. * Keeps Your Phone Secure and Accessible * Swivel Belt Clip Instructions: Insert phone so it fits snugly in holster. To remove, gently pull back on locking mechanism until phone is released. Push phone gently out of holster until it releases. RIM OEM 32284LRP ASY-20412-001

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BlackBerry
    • ASIN: B001SDH9VG
    • UPC: 843163027060

  • Protective Holster For BlackBerry Curve 8350i

    Carry your BlackBerry Curve with this extra heavy-duty Protective Holster made by RIM BlackBerry. Features an extra-heavy outter casing with thick padding and bumpers to protect your phone under extreme conditions. A snap-button belt loop lets you carry the holster on your belt with little chance of it falling off. Strong magnetic closing flap keeps your BlackBerry safely inside the case. The holster has built-in indentations that run along the inside of the case to protect the trackball, and ensure your device is not accidentally activated. When you slide your BlackBerry into place, your BlackBerry automatically goes into sleep mode which shuts off the screen and helps maximize battery life. You can even choose different notification settings (ring, vibrate or both) based on whether your device is in or out of this handy carrying case. Suitable for:BlackBerry Curve 8350iBlackBerry Curve 8300BlackBerry Curve 8310BlackBerry Curve 8320BlackBerry Curve 8330BlackBerry Storm 9530 9500BlackBerry Tour 9630BlackBerry part no. HDW-20961-001.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BlackBerry
    • ASIN: B002L0C94M
    • UPC: 097738557623

  • BlackBerry 8350i Koskin Holster (Black)

    Blackberry HDW-20959-001 Synthetic Holster carrying case in Black with swivel belt clip and Proximity Sensor Protects your Blackberry Curve 8350i cell phone! Factory original Blackberry HDW-18193-001 carrying case Features a heavily reinforced swivel belt clip that really stays on your belt! Genuine case in Black is the factory original equipment carrying case with a one year warranty. Proximity-sensing technology conserves battery power by automatically shutting off the screen and can activate a different notification setting based on your preferences! Blackberry HDW-20959-001 Synthetic Holster carrying case with swivel belt clip protects your Blackberry Curve 8350i cell phone fast and easy!Supported Models and Categories:Blackberry 8350i Cell Phone Accessories

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BlackBerry
    • ASIN: B002V0G9J8
    • UPC: 843163027220