• Gray Bunny GB-6867 Pole Stabilizer Attachment Prongs For Backyard Bird Feeding Stations, Single 2 Prong Metal Stake Base to Support Freestanding Poles and Feeder Stands, Stackable For 4 Prongs

    Enjoy Nature From the Comfort of Your Home! An Accessory Pole Stabilizer For Your Backyard Bird Feeding Station- For use with the GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station. - Add an extra set of ground prongs to add stability and prevent your pole from tilting. -Also compatible with other brands that have 7/8 inch diameter (or smaller) poles.-Must be able to slide up or down pole in order to attach.-A pole stabilizer will help keep your feeding station standing straight and upright, avoiding unnecessary droppage of seeds. -Add one or two stabilizers depending on your needs and load imbalance.- Maintaining the feeding station by ensuring it is well stocked becomes an enjoyable activity that's great for keeping elderly busy or teaching young ones responsibility.- The feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless. GrayBunny Quality - Rust resistant, sturdy steel construction. - Easily adjust components to any desired location by loosening and tightening wing nut by hand. No tools required! - Designed by the brightest minds, utilizing only the highest quality materials and expert manufacturing methodologies, GrayBunny offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care. "...

    • Brand: Gray Bunny
    • ASIN: B0764LXTLB
    • UPC: 842735101252

  • Mrlipet Food & Water Bird Cup with Clamp Holder Stainless Steel Coop Cup Feeding Dish Feeder for Parrot Macaw African Greys Budgies Parakeet Cockatiels Conure Macaw Lovebird Finch 10 Ounce

    Mrlipet pet bowl comes in 2 different sizes; 10 oz. (1.25 cups), 20 oz. (2.5 cups),  making this a great food bowl or water bowl for a variety of pets including dogs, cats, birds and many other small animals. The stainless steel pet bowl is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and does not hold bad odors or germs like a plastic food bowl. The pet bowl comes with a rust resistant e-coated bracket that easily attaches to the crate or cage with two wing nuts. Because the Mrlipet Bird food and water bowl attaches to a crate's wire mesh, it promotes healthy elevated eating and conveniently keeps the pet bowl from being knocked over (no-tip design) by pets and pet parents alike, eliminating potential mealtime messes. Stainless steel 10 oz. (1.25 cups) dog food / water bowl for puppies, dogs, kittens, cats & small animals Pet bowl locks in place on dog crate / cat cage / bird cage with easy-to-remove bracket which reduces water & food spilling in pets living area Pet bowl holds up to 10 fl oz. dog food,Chinchillas feeder, cat food or water & minimizes cleaning w/ no-tip bracketed design Dog bowl / cat bowl is rust resistant & is a healthy alternative to plastic food bowls, pet bowl doesn't hold odors Dishwasher safe stainless steel dog bowl for easy cleaning, includes a 1-year Manuf...

    • Brand: Mrli Pet
    • ASIN: B06XKR29N7

  • Gray Bunny GB-6844D Deluxe Premium Bird Feeding Station, 22" Wide x 91" Tall (82 inch Above Ground) Black, Multi Feeder Hanging Kit & Bird Bath for Attracting Wild Birds, Birdfeeder & Planter Hanger

    Enjoy Nature From the Comfort of Your Home! A Premium Deluxe Bird Feeding Station - Attract a wide variety of birds by offering a diverse array of bird food in different types of feeders.- Place it outside your home near a window or by your patio and have a clear viewing angle to hours of delightful entertainment.- A great gift idea for parents, nature lovers and children.- Maintaining the feeding station becomes an enjoyable activity that's great for keeping elderly busy or teaching young ones responsibility.- The feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless. GrayBunny Quality - Rust resistant, sturdy steel construction. - Easily adjust components to any desired location by loosening and tightening wing nuts by hand. No tools required! - Triple forked base prong adds stability and permits easy placement. Just attach the pole stabilizer then step down to plant.- Mesh tray and water bowl detach for easy cleaning.- BIRD FEEDERS ARE SOLD SEPERATELYEffective In Attracting Wild Birds- Twin top level hooks are great for hanging hopper, tube, and nyjer feeders which are effective in attracting smaller birds like finches, chickadees, titmice, and junocs.- The mesh tray can hold mealworms, peanuts or milo which attract ground feeding birds like card...

    • Brand: Gray Bunny
    • ASIN: B075H35K1K
    • UPC: 842735101269

  • GrayBunny GB-6875 Extension Pole For Bird Feeding Stations, Add 28 3/4 Inches Extra Height, Tall Wild Birdfeeder Stand Rod Extender For Freestanding Posts

    Have The Tallest Bird Feeding Station In Town!An Extension Pole For your GrayBunny Bird Feeding Station- We get it. You just want more. More space for offering a greater seed variety, more feeders, more birds. Lots of them and all different types.- The GrayBunny bird feeding extension pole provides you with the ability to create a truly bustling wild bird nexus in your back yard without having to setup another pole in a second location.- Simply unscrew the top pole section of your existing GrayBunny bird feeding station and screw in this extension pole. Then screw the top pole section back on over the extension pole and you're all set.- Adds 28.75 inches in height for a total height of 119.75 inches (110.75 inches above ground height). - Yes, you can purchase multiple extension pole and make your feeding station even higher by screwing them into each other and stacking up.- Be sure to pick up one of our pole stabilizers to help keep your super tall pole standing straight and upright.- Compatible with GrayBunny bird feeding stations with the second generation screw in style poles. If you have an older model with a push-button pole, this extension pole will not work! See product images for details. GrayBunny Quality- Designed by the brightest minds, utilizing only the highest qual...

    • Brand: GrayBunny
    • ASIN: B0792LN57T
    • UPC: 842735101542

  • Gray Bunny GB-6888 Premium Yard Tree Metal Stand- Bird Feeding Station Kit/Hanging Garden System, 79”(200 cm) Tall, Black, Wind Chime/Lantern Hanger/Planter Stand/Bird Bath/Wild Bird Feeder

    An Ideal Birdfeeder/ Plant Hanging Stand Multipurpose Stand - Multipurpose stand is the perfect garden centrepiece to display bird feeders, garden decorations, wind chimes, lanterns or bird swings. - Display up to four hanging objects and two round ring holders. - The large ring is perfect for a water dish for birds to drink water or bathe in while the small ring is great to display small potted flowering plants. Visually Stunning - Place this multi-purpose decorative metal yard tree on the patio with plant pots, lanterns or wind chimes or use it as a bird feeder station in your outdoor areas. - The high quality black finish stunningly complements your yard and the accessories you hang from it. Easy Handling - Detachable bottom support allows stand to be moved around the garden and placed at your desired location with ease. - Simply detach the bottom support and push the tapered end pole into the ground. - You can self adjust the component positions easily by removing and reattaching them at any desired location. Sturdy&Durable - The overall stand length is 79 inches (200 cm) and top twin hooks are 22.75 inches (578 mm) wide. - Water dish / bird bath is 11.5 inches (292 mm) in diameter, 2 3/8 inches (60 mm) tall from the center of the dish. - Small ring is 5.8 inches (148 m...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Gray Bunny
    • ASIN: B07DR94BJS
    • UPC: 842735102730

  • Living World Seed Cup with Perch, Medium

    The Living World Seed Cup is a great way to hold your bird's seeds within the cage. It is equipped with attachments on the back so the cup can easily attach to wire cages. The perch on the front of the cup provides your bird with a comfortable resting place while he or she snacks on their seeds. The Living World Seed Cup comes in a variety of colors and is ideal for holding other treats or supplements.

    • Brand: Living World
    • ASIN: B0002DH274
    • UPC: 080605818514

  • Sorbus Bird Feeding Bath Station, Metal Deck Pole for Bird Feeders, Great for Attracting Birds Outdoors, Backyard, Garden

    Watch birds fly into action all season long with the Sorbus Bird Feeding Bath Station! Create a high-rise haven for birds! This all-in-one station includes everything you need to attract birds and decorate your garden. It features 4 hanging hooks, 1 water dish bowl, 1 mesh tray, and 1 feeder pole to offer a complete buffet to your feathered friends. Watch as finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, and more flock to this adorable bird feeder for a tasty meal. The mesh tray holds wide variety of birdseed, peanuts, berries, sunflower seeds, fruits, and more. After the full course, birds can drink, bathe, or cool themselves from the water-filled bowl. Add it anywhere to beautifully complement your patio, garden, or backyard landscape. This bird bath feeder is the perfect way to entertain and enjoy the outside view. Enjoy the vibrant, majestic beauty of bird feeding...and bathing! Look out the window at the picturesque scene of colorful birds as you relax and unwind. For a decorative touch, add chimes, lanterns, flowers, and other decorative items to the hanging hooks. Delight children and grandparents alike by attracting birds to the backyard for an afternoon snack or cool down session. When the seeds and water are gone, kids can help refill the station with a fresh supply. Mounts in...

    • Color: Bird Bath Feeder Station - Black
    • Brand: Sorbus
    • ASIN: B075SK2CZ2
    • UPC: 816485027759

  • JW Pet Company Clean Cup Feeder and Water Cup Bird Accessory, Small, Colors may vary

    The Insight Clean Cup Feed & Water Cup Small has a clear plastic shield that keeps food and debris from falling outside of the cage. The cup was designed clear so that bird's do not mind putting their heads inside. Without their view blocked the bird can comfortably eat while the extended cup keeps the mess inside of the cage. Made from nylon and acrylic the cup is durable and dishwasher safe.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Petmate
    • ASIN: B0002DJW3Q
    • UPC: 522180460592