• Humboldts Secret Best Plant Food For Plants and Trees Golden Tree, Explosive Growth, Yield Increaser, Dying Plant Rescuer, Use on Flowers, Roses, Fruit, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Organic (2 Ounce)

    Directions for normal plants: Mix 5ml per every gallon of water. Feed 1-3 times per week. Remember, Golden Tree is an additive so also, try and add in a base liquid nutrient fertilizer as well. Works well with other nutrients such as Humboldts Secret Golden Tree & Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes. Directions for *speciality plants* like ones in Colorado: In The Vegetative State Add 2ml per gallon of Golden Tree into your reservoir. Then, add base nutrient into your reservoir until your PPM levels of the reservoir mixture reaches about 1000 (Hanna Scale, which is 2.0 in EC.) Remember that this is a rough estimate. Strains vary, some will enjoy higher PPM's and some lower. In Flower: Add 5ml per gallon of Golden Tree into your reservoir. To save plants add in 15-30ml per gallon.

    • Brand: Humboldts Secret
    • ASIN: B00T16TY6A
    • UPC: 791154099995

  • Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer - FOR ALL YOUR TOMATOES, 4 lb. bag

    Espoma 4-pound tomato-tone 3-4-6 plant food

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Espoma
    • ASIN: B0011UEKKE
    • UPC: 050197009041

  • Trellis Netting [BEST HEAVY DUTY NET] Grow Garden Flowers: Green Pea, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Bean and Vine Plants [SUPPORTS STRONG GROWTH] Trellis Scrog Mesh Fence - Large 5 x 60 foot/1.5 x 18.2 meters

    Netting measures 5 x 60ft / 1.5 x 18.2mOur goal is to help gardeners and homeowners by creating better quality solutions and providing unmatched customer service. We use the most durable materials and construction methods available to ensure our garden products are up to the job.Our customer support doesn't end with your purchase; our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you achieve the best possible results.Start growing perfect plants today and Click "Add to Cart" now.

    • Brand: De-Bird
    • ASIN: B073Y9LFGZ
    • UPC: 635146926763

  • Dr. Jimz Tomato Secret Grow Big Tomatoes 4 Pounds

    Dr. Jimz Tomato Secret provides the perfect blend of easy to use nutrients to the tomato plant that will support the type of growth you want in months three, four and five. Ingredients like Alfalfa meal, Molasses, and Epsom salts are just a few key ingredients! HOW IT WORKS In much of the country tomato plants grow slowly during the first month after planting as roots develop and ground temperatures rise. In month two they begin to show promise; growing faster as the month progresses. In month three it's as if a turbo boost has been applied. It's at this stage that the right combination of nutrients in the right location can truly support the tomatoes' genetic ambition. Tomato Secret is the key. We provide the perfect blend of easy to use nutrients to the tomato plant to support the type of growth we want in month three, four and five. WHAT IT'S MADE OF Many of the ingredients are not commonly recognized as fertilizer to most people. Ingredients like Alfalfa meal, Molasses, and Epsom salts are just a few of the keys to our formula. Tomato Secret is safe and wholesome. We sometimes joke that you could feed this product to a cow (all joking aside you really could!)

    • Brand: Dr. Jimz
    • ASIN: B079RLDSQ7
    • UPC: 656205922014

  • Plant Magic Plant Food 100% Organic Fertilizer - Easy to Use All Purpose for Indoor Houseplants, Outdoor Flowers, Tomatoes and All Vegetables and Trees (also known as instant Compost Tea) 1/2 lb

    Organic Plant Magic really is magic, or at least so it seems! What makes Organic Plant Magic so special? The secret is that it doesn't just contain the normal nutrients found in plant fertilizer. It goes far beyond with more than 55 trace minerals as well as including millions of Beneficial Microorganisms into the mix. The root of Organic Plant Magic is the proprietary inclusion of these Beneficial Microorganisms. We've discovered a way to grab and distill all the fungi and bacteria normally found in compost piles, the ones turning garbage into natural plant food, and package those organisms into our fertilizer mix. We call this our "instant compost tea," and it's what separates Organic Plant Magic from all the rest. The result is like yogurt for your Bonsai, a probiotic mix that doesn't merely include great nutrition, but one which actively helps convert the soil into better plant food! Nitrogen and phosphorus uptake go way up, and that translates directly into better root growth and lush foliage. This approach is like no other fertilizer we've heard of, and the results are definitely like no other fertilizer you've tried. It really is like magic

    • Brand: Organic Plant Magic
    • ASIN: B0059W6H6K
    • UPC: 013964284416

  • Blue Cascade 10 Gallon Garden Planting Grow Bags, 4 Pack Plant Tub with Flap and Handles Aeration Fabric Seedling Pots – Best Vegetable Planter Bag for Growing Potato, Carrot, Tomato & Onion

    ● Package Include:4 Pack Grow Bags - Plant your vegetables and flowers ● Specifications:Material: polyethylene (PE) Plastic - Heavy duty Eco-friendly durable bagsColor: Army GreenCapacity: 10-Gallon Dimension: 13.7 * 17.7 IN (H*D) Features: waterproof, lightweight, heat & cold resistant, durable, reusable. ● Planting Tips: 1. Add the compost and soil to cover the planter tub button about 1.5" first2. put your seeds on it and waiting for the shoots facing upwards3. Cover the seeds with compost and soil when the shoots continue to grow4. Add some water if necessary, and wait for harvesting5. Clean up and dry out the grow bag for reuse● Warranty:24 Hours Cutomer Support: Contact us freely about any product or order problem,we will reply with superb service.

    • Color: Army Green
    • Brand: Blue Cascade
    • ASIN: B07BQJZ9HL

  • Gardener's Best Organic Tomato Fertilizer, 24 Oz.

    Grow your best tomatoes ever with our organic, 8-5-5 fertilizer fortified with 4-1/2% calcium. Calcium helps prevent blossom end rot, a common tomato disorder. Use the entire 1-1/2-pound bag in your Tomato Success Kit, or apply 4 to 5 tablespoons per plant in your garden.

    • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
    • ASIN: B007ROTTFY

  • EarthPods CAL MAG BOOST Bio Organic Fertilizer Capsules (100 Spikes, NO UREA, Indoor + Outdoor Plant Food Supplement for Cannabis + Chili + Pepper + Rose + Tomato + Vegetable Garden, Help Blossom Rot)

    WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH 1 TUBE OF 100 EARTHPODS® NATURAL PLANT FOOD & FLOWER FERTILIZER CAPSULES?HERE ARE A FEW EXAMPLES: + Feed several tomato plants bi-weekly ALL season long + Feed 100 small houseplants or 50 medium houseplants or 25 large houseplants + Feed up to 100 flower bulbs before planting in the Fall & Spring (Just drop 1 EarthPod® in each hole) + Fortify 1000's of seedlings when seed starting in Winter / Spring DIRECTIONS FOR USE:EarthPods® flower & plant food capsules can be used successfully on all your plants, flowers, herbs and fruits whether they be indoor / outdoor or in containers / raised garden beds(for optimal comprehensive results, we suggest feeding with EarthPods® every 2 weeks and watering with our TeaDrops® liquid plant food packets weekly as a regular feeding routine)Just push EarthPods® flower & plant food capsules every 14-21 days all the way into the soil near the stem of your favorite houseplants, flower containers & indoor / outdoor vegetable and herb plants to feed over 70 organic nutrients, trace minerals, humic & fulvic acids, and a balanced formula of beneficial fungi and microbial plant root populations. Suggested Application ~ Small plants: 1-2 EarthPods®, Medium plants: 2-4 EarthPods®, Large plants: 4-8 EarthPods®) NOTE: Please store ...

    • Color: Calcium + Magnesium Boost Formula {Blue Label}
    • Brand: Earthworm Technologies
    • ASIN: B0797Y8LY1
    • UPC: 853619008055

  • 13 Ft x 33 Ft Anti Bird Netting Green Garden Bird Net, Plants Fruits Berry Mesh Netting Protect Against Rodents Birds

    Rich harvest season without troublesWe develop this anti bird net to protect your plants, vegetables, fruits etc. from hungry birds, it helps gardeners and homeowners solve their bird control problems, simply and safely by creating better quality bird proofing solutions, increase economic benefit.The effective works best as an outdoor cover for tomatoes, medlar, strawberries, blueberries, fig, cherry, grape and other fruit trees. Great choice for your balcony plants, the courtyard garden, vegetable growth, also it can take as a pool netting for fish breeding. Keep pest birds away and your crop peck-free this summer!SpecificationSize: 32.9 Ft x 13.2 Ft (4*10m)Color: GreenWeight: 280g

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: FittiDoll
    • ASIN: B07DQF9G7H
    • UPC: 673169470436