• Country Guitar for Beginners: A Complete Method to Learn Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing

    Master Traditional and Modern Country Guitar PlayingDiscover a Complete Method to Learn Traditional and Modern Country Guitar PlayingMaster Chord Playing and Rhythm Guitar Skills & play like the greatest country music guitaristsDevelop a full range of Scales, Arpeggios and Soloing Approaches to create your own country music licks and riffsHave you tried playing country guitar but don’t feel like you’ve done more than learn a few chords and cliché licks?Do you find yourself thinking so much about the neck of the guitar that you can’t get in the groove of the music?Do you dream of playing solos like legendary guitarists Roy Nichols, James Burton, Luther Perkins and Eldon Shamblin?Country Guitar for Beginners is a complete guide to help beginners master elements of the country genre. Split into two sections, this book is designed to develop chord playing, rhythm guitar skills and lead guitar solos.Here’s What You Get…A complete guide to Country Music for Beginners so you learn how to play chords, rhythm and lead solos like the greatsOver 100 pages of Chord Diagrams, Exercises, Tips, Soloing Ideas and more so you learn to play like your favorite country guitaristsOver 170 audio examples and 3 backing tracks you can download for free to make the music come alive and help yo...

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  • Guitar: Beginner's Guide to Guitar - Acoustic Guitar, Read Music, Playing Guitar & Guitar Scales (Beginner's Guide to Music)

    With Guitar: Beginner's Guide to Guitar - Acoustic Guitar, Read Music, Playing Guitar & Guitar Scales, you'll learn everything you need to know about guitars. If you are looking to learn how to play guitar, read music, this book will teach you all the information you need to know. Here are some examples of what you will learn with this book... What are Acoustic Guitars?Parts of Acoustic Guitar that you NEED to knowPurchasing your first guitar. (Becareful!)How to read music sheets so you can start to play your favorite song!Various tips and tricks recommended by the author Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, Download Your Copy TODAY!!

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  • The Country Fingerstyle Guitar Method: A Complete Guide to Travis Picking, Fingerstyle Guitar, & Country Guitar Soloing (Learn Country Guitar)

    Master Fingerstyle Country Guitar and Learn the Styles of the Greatest Country Guitar PlayersMaster Every Essential Country Guitar TechniqueDevelop Travis Picking, Syncopation and ArticulationEffortlessly Combine Advanced Chords, Inversions and Bass LinesLearn the Guitar Styles of Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry ReedDiscover Banjo Rolls and The Secret to Effortless Speed and FluencyLearn with tablature, notation and hundreds of audio examples of authentic Country Guitar VocabularyThe Country Fingerstyle Guitar MethodAre you stuck with Country Guitar Finger Picking?Do you need a way to tackle the essential techniques and vocabulary of Country Guitar?Do you need to confidently combine country bass lines with rhythm and lead guitar?Do you want to learn from the undisputed country guitar masters like Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, and Jerry Reed?Do you want hundreds of Country Guitar licks, tricks and chords to dazzle your friends and enrich your music? Are you struggling to Master Country Guitar and Travis Picking?The Country Fingerstyle Guitar Method is the perfect way to master finger picking on the guitar.Part One tackles the techniques needed to build confidence, speed and articulation when playing Country Guitar. You will cover the ‘pinch’ technique, thumb picks and alter...

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  • The Complete Country Guitar Method Compilation: Three Books in One! - Master Country Guitar Licks, Techniques & Soloing (Learn Country Guitar)

    The Perfect Resource for Any Country Guitar Player Three Best-Selling Country Guitar Books in One Complete VolumeDiscover every essential country guitar chordMaster country guitar techniques like banjo Rolls and hybrid PickingLearn and apply over 100 country guitar licksPlay exciting country guitar solos with authentic backing tracksDiscover every important country guitar scale and The CAGED System,Master bends, slides, picking, legato, and much more… The Complete Country Guitar Method Compilation is a collection of three best-selling books that teach the essential skills required to move from absolute basics to astonishing country guitar solos. Here’s What You Get:Three best-selling books in one!278 pages of traditional and cutting-edge country guitar essentialsOver 400 Notated Audio Examples so you can hear how to play guitarA complete breakdown and masterclass of every country guitar techniqueOver 100 authentic “in the style of” country guitar licksYou’ll be a country guitar picking pro in no time.Book 1: Country Guitar for BeginnersAre you struggling to learn country guitar?This book covers the essential country chord voicings found in everything from cowboy ballads to western swing. There are plenty of country guitar secrets thrown in too so you’ll need to pay...

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  • Alfred's Basic Guitar Method, Bk 1: The Most Popular Method for Learning How to Play, Book & Online Audio (Alfred's Basic Guitar Library)

    Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 1 Book & Online Audio 3rd Edition. Recognized for over 50 years as the best-paced and most comprehensive guitar method available, Alfred's Basic Guitar Method has introduced over five million beginners to the joy of playing guitar. Now included are blues, country, folk, jazz, and rock styles, plus more pop songs! DVDs are available for the visual learner, and correlating theory, chord, and pop books provide everything you need from one complete method. Learning to play has never been easier or more fun than with Alfred's Basic Guitar Method---the first and best choice for today's beginning guitar students. Book 1 introduces you to the foundations of guitar playing. Learn notes, songs, techniques, and many other important topics for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. For the first time, companion audio tracks that can be downloaded or streamed online are included with the book, so you'll have everything you need in one place. The available DVD is newly updated and features video lessons, MP3 audio tracks, as well as TNT 2 software which lets you slow down tracks, isolate and loop parts, and change tempos and keys for customized practice.

    • Brand: Alfred
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  • Ultimate Beginner Blues Guitar Basics Mega Pak: Book, CD & DVD (The Ultimate Beginner Series)

    The Ultimate Beginner Series has helped thousands of aspiring musicians take their first steps towards experiencing the fun of playing music. This book, CD, and DVD package will guide you through everything you need to know to start playing blues guitar, including shuffle rhythms, turnarounds, blues soloing, call-and-response patterns, slow blues, blues scale positions, and the B.B. King secret scale pattern. The CD contains complete play-along tracks. The DVD includes video lessons that clearly cover all the topics taught in the book.

    • Brand: Alfred Music
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  • Mel Bay Bluegrass & Country Guitar for the Young Beginner

    A very easy, step-by-step book/CD package teaching chords, backup licks and breaks, hammer-ons, pull-offs and other solo techniques. Written in notes and tablature.

    • Brand: Brand: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
    • ASIN: 0786672056
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  • Learn Guitar: From Beginner to Pro

    Learning to play the electric guitar is a long, sometimes difficult, journey. Learn Guitar presents all the facts, professional tutorials, and includes 98 tracks of instruction to make it easier. Whether you're strumming campfire cords or shredding on a Flying V, Learn Guitar is an excellent resource for all those who starting to play the guitar. This insightful guide comes with a two-part book, plus a 98-track CD; which all adds up to a comprehensive overview of the instrument. The first portion of the book, Facts, offers comprehensive information on every significant maker and model in the history of the guitar. Meticulously compiled and beautifully illustrated, you will get to know the essential instrument makers with all the facts, figures, and detail you need. This is a history that comes with full details of all the principal models along with insider information and dozens of high-quality photographs of great electric instruments.   The second portion, Tutor, presents a step-by-step course in playing the electric guitar in many modern styles, including rock, metal, pop, funk, and Americana. Master today's hottest electric guitar styles with this progressive program of riffs, licks, and exercises. A 98-track CD or digital QRE code accompanies the tutor with a f...

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    • Brand: Editors of Jawbone Press
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  • Guitar Adventures: Fun, Informative, and Step-By-Step Lesson Guide, Beginner & Intermediate Levels (Book & Streaming Videos) (Steeplechase Guitar Instruction)

    This exciting new edition is designed for children 5 and up!Music professor Damon Ferrante has created this fun and comprehensive step-by-step, interactive guitar book and streaming video course that is specifically crafted to suit the needs of all children beginning the guitar.This delightful, best-selling children's book provides a complete foundation in the study of the guitar. Its easy and joyful learning style enables the young student to think, feel, and develop musically.Each child learns how to play the guitar and read music through playing famous and beautiful songs and pieces. Along the way, there are jokes, illustrations, and characters that make learning exciting and engaging.No Music Reading Required. Your child will learn how to read music with this book! Based on over twenty-five years of guitar teaching experience,Damon Ferrante's guitar books are used by thousands of guitar students and teachers. Guitar Adventures for Children 5 & Up will greatly improve your child's guitar technique, song repertoire, creativity, and understanding of music.The following great music is covered in this book and streaming video course:* Ode to Joy by Beethoven
* Amazing Grace* Happy Birthday
* Jingle Bells* Yankee Doodle* When the Saints Go Marching In* Twinkle, Twinkle, Little ...

    • ASIN: B0097GFR06