• K9 Bath Buddy for Dogs - The Ultimate Dog Bath Toy - Makes Bath Time Easy, Just Spread Peanut Butter and Stick - Featured on USA Today

    Our Story: “Created by a dog family, for dog families” When we started this company in 2017, we admit that our motives were a bit selfish. Why, you might ask? Because we were tired of struggling to bathe our dogs Gia and Napoleon. They absolutely hated bath time! Gia would hide in the corner, seemingly scared for her life. Napoleon would have to be forced into the tub, where he stood frozen in fear the entire time we were bathing him. We knew there had to be a better way. We had heard of people smearing peanut butter on their tub or shower walls, but that didn’t seem sanitary or safe for our beloved pups. (We didn’t want Gia and Napoleon ingesting the germs, bacteria, or harmful cleaner residue that potentially came with this method.) So we sat down at our kitchen counter and began brainstorming ideas. After many sketches, rough designs and crude prototypes, we had the perfect solution! Bath Buddy – a textured silicone lick pad with a super strong suction cup on the back that would stick to almost any tub or shower surface. We were so pumped that we could just spread peanut butter on the front of Bath Buddy, stick it to the tub wall, then let Gia and Napoleon enjoy their favorite snack while we gave them a bath! It was like they didn’t even know what was going on….....

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: K9 Bath Buddy
    • ASIN: B07D497YVL
    • UPC: 616576227187

  • Perfect Curve Lick Lick Pad Dog Distraction Device, Large, Single-pack, Blue

    Make Bath Time Fun! With a little peanut butter, the Lick Lick Pad becomes the ultimate delicious distraction. Now, your dog will have something to do while getting washed, dried or groomed other than trying to escape.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Perfect Curve
    • ASIN: B0799VCLYD
    • UPC: 755090600523

  • BathPup PamperPaw - The Original Dog Distraction Device! Keep Your Dog Happy AND Safe in the Bath Tub

    Brought to you by BathPup: Spread your pup's favorite treat on the PamperPaw and stick to the wall via the suction cups on the back. Easily scrub, rinse and dry your pup as they stay happily distracted for the entire bath! PamperPaw can also be used for brushing, nail trimming, and training! PamperPaw is made from premium food grade silicone and is (top rack) dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

    • Brand: BathPup
    • ASIN: B079S1JKW1
    • UPC: 860010001509

  • Hyper Pet Lickimat Feeding Plate

    "Hyper Pet LickiMats™ are a medicine free treat delivery system that engages your pet over an extended period of time while delivering small portions of his or her favorite treat. Our LickiMat™ line is designed to promote calm behavior in your dog or cat while home alone or during stressful times, like storms. By spreading your pet’s favorite soft treat over the surface, you create a fun, tasty game as they seek every morsel with their tongue. The unique pattern helps promote fresh breath, healthy teeth, and gums by scraping bad bacteria from the tongue and stimulating saliva reproduction which aids in digestion. Repetitive licking is soothing and releases cortisol, a calming hormone, into the body. LickiMat™ Soother, with its raised bumpy design, is perfect for creamy treats like yogurt, peanut butter, or gravy. Freeze treats or drinks in hot or humid temperatures to create refreshing, longer lasting entertainment. Hyper Pet LickiMats™ are made from non-toxic, food grade TPR that is suitable for both dogs and cats. The mats are dishwasher safe for stress-free cleaning. "

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Hyper Pet
    • ASIN: B077FDH6L3
    • UPC: 012575187864

  • CRFX Dog Lick Pad for Easy and Funny Bath - Dog Peanut Butter Pad for Shower - Dog Bath Grooming Accessories - Prime Quality - with Free E-Book

    Easy and Fun Bath:-Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on your Dog Lick Pad.-Stick it to a suitable surface in your bathroom. -You can easily wash your dog while your dog is licking the pad.-You can easily wash your pad with your hand or a dishwasher.Suitable for Sink Use:-Suitable for small dogs to wash in the sink.-You can stick the product into the sink or countertop.Specifications: Material: %100 Antibacterial Silicone (FDA Approved). Product Size: 9.50" x 4.60" x 0.25" inch Packing: Ziplock Bag   100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and friendly customer service.  If you ever have any issue with the product,  you can contact us for a solution.   Click ADD TO CART NOW and make your dog happy.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: CRFX
    • ASIN: B07DFR1D94

  • Baby Buddy’s Natural Baby Bath Sponge 4-5” Ultra Soft Premium Sea Wool Sponge Soft on Baby’s Tender Skin, Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic, Absorbent Natural Sea Sponge

    Baby Buddy’s Natural Bath Sponge is an essential addition to your baby’s bath-time rituals. Using a Natural Bath Sponge is one of the most natural and caring ways to cleanse your baby’s skin. These sponges are highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, are softly textured, and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin. They are more durable and last longer than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion. In addition, Natural Bath Sponges are better for bathing and cleaning because they soak up and hold more water without dripping. Natural Bath Sponges are hypoallergenic and will not mold or mildew, and are also self-cleaning through their intricate system of canals, which means they wash out more quickly and easily and will not retain objectionable odors. It is recommended that you replace the Natural Bath Sponge every 8 weeks to keep it fresh and clean. Before First Use: Thoroughly rinse sponge in clean water to remove all fine sea particles. Periodically freshen sponge with a mixture of baking soda and water. Check out other Baby Buddy products, because Every Baby Needs a Buddy.

    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: Baby Buddy
    • ASIN: B0012S5HRU
    • UPC: 047414004019

  • H&Zt Dog Bath Distraction Device Lick Pad (Blue)

    Brought to you by H&Zt: ♥Spread your pup's favorite treat on the Lick Pad and stick to the wall via the suction cups on the back. Easily scrub, rinse and dry your pup as they stay happily distracted for the entire bath! ♥H&Zt Lick Pad can also be used for brushing, nail trimming, and training! ♥H&Zt Lick Pad is made from premium food grade silicone and is (top rack) dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: H&Zt
    • ASIN: B07F2D3QLN
    • UPC: 601001010939

  • Body Buddy Non-Absorbent Lotion Applicator (Cream)

    Body Buddy Non-Absorbent Lotion Applicator (Cream) Reach Every Spot!! The award-winning lotion applicator "band" provides the extra reach necessary to apply skincare products to one's own back and any other hard-to-reach area. Use the non-absorbent lotion applicator to apply sunscreen, apply aloe to soothe sunburned skin, apply sunless tanner effortlessly to the back. This unique personal care product makes independent topical application of every skin care product easy and possible, even to hard-to-reach areas of the back and body. Place a small amount of product on the applicator, flip over shoulder, grab handles, and move back and forth like drying off. Unlike a sponge on a stick, it does not absorb product and has no replacement parts or pads. It is machine washable and one can use multiple products. Hands absorb 40% of skin care products. One of the major advantages of Body Buddy's lotion applicator is the savings of expensive medications provided by its non-absorbent surface. Use for any condition of the skin requiring topical application of any product such as benzoyl peroxide or astringent for back acne, (bacne). Topically apply prescription medication to treat psoriasis, skin conditions due to complications from transplant, medication, radiation therapy or general skin c...

    • Color: Cream
    • Brand: Body Buddy
    • ASIN: B00HUUS0X2
    • UPC: 799289867441

  • Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool | Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber in-One, Shower Bath Tub and Outdoor Garden Hose Compatible, Dog Cat Horse Grooming

    The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world's first wearable sprayer and scrubber in-one that puts the control of water in the palm of your hand.

    • Brand: Aquapaw
    • ASIN: B06Y3QSGWP
    • UPC: 652827508933