• Artesania Latina 19000 SERIES - VIKING Model Ship Kit

    This is the 1:75 scale All Wood VIKING by Latina. This is a Skill Level 3 Kit for Intermediate Boat Modelers.FEATURES: Planked Hull and Deck Detailed Step by Step Instructions Die-Cut Parts Highly Detailed Boat All Parts Included (still requires tools and glues) Static Display Boat OnlyINCLUDES: All Nessessary Wood Cloth for Sails Plastic and Metal Hardware String for Rigging Plans and InstructionsREQUIRES: Contact Cement, Paint and Brush, Tools (Needle Nose Pliers, Nail Nailer, Hobby Knife, Razor Saw, Hand Drill, Sandpaper, Bent Nose Locking Tweezer)SPECS: Length:11-1/2" Height: 10-3/4" Beam: 3-1/8" Scale: 1:75LatinaPart LAT19001

    • Brand: Artesania Latina
    • ASIN: B0000ESZU4

  • Artesania Latina 22850 1/85 US Frigate 1798 Constellation Model Building Kit

    We introduce you the US Navy Constellation, a beautiful wooden model with a scale 1:85 of the famous American frigate. Guided by a complete set of detailed step-by-step instructions that you will find in this modeling kit, as a modeler you can complete your scale replica of this multifunctional boat and one of the highest longevities in naval history.

    • Brand: Artesania Latina
    • ASIN: B000LWKXFO

  • Artesania Latina - San Juan Galeon - XVIth Century Wooden Model Kit

    HISTORY OF THE SPANISH GALLEON SAN JUAN: BUILD ITS MODELDiscover the San Juan, the Spanish galleon of the XVI century wooden model. Galleons were the most powerful ships of their time and backbone of Spanish supremacy in the seas during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The galleon appears towards the middle of the S. XVI forming the nucleus of the Spanish Armada.For almost 150 years it is the boat par excellence for its combination of great transport capacity with firepower, which made it ideal for the long oceanic voyages between Spain and the New World. MODELING KIT: SAN JUAN GALLEON MODELBuild your scale model 1/90 of the San Juan, Spanish galleon of the XVI Century. Its system of construction by means of false keel and frames about the assembly of your model to the construction of the real ship.The modeling kit contains high precision laser cut board parts, fine woods, brass, cast iron and fabric. For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete full colour guide step-by-step in four languages, accompanied by the real-scale drawings of the completed boat. What does the kit include? Laser cut board pieces, wood, brass and die-cast parts. Cotton fabric for sewing the sails. Detailed assembly instructions with color images. Complete set of drawings in real scale ...

    • Brand: Artesania Latina
    • ASIN: B001FA4RKS

  • Artesanía Latina Wooden Model Ship: French Training Vessel Belem 1/75

    HISTORY OF THE BELEM Last great French yacht of the XIX Century still in navigation. The Belem is a living legend and the witness of a bygone era. The Belem (1896) is the last three-masted French ship, the oldest three-masted sailing vessel in Europe and the second largest sailing vessel remaining in France. Built in Nantes, used mostly in the Caribbean, then alternately English, Italian, and again French, this old cargo ship was changed several times. The Belem was motorized and renamed for various uses (luxury cruiser and training ship) and was finally discovered by chance in Venice in a pitiful state in the late 1970s by a nostalgic aficionado. Purchased with the support of a large French bank, which financed the foundation that began its restoration, the Belem is now converted into cabotage, offers courses of initiation and discovery for enthusiasts, is used among others and passing the French Navy to the formation of their mounts and appears in the large meetings of traditional sailboats.1 The Belem has been classified as a historic monument since February 27, 1984. CONTENTS OF THE MODELING KIT: BELEM 1/75 scale wooden model with more than 1.300 parts. Includes stand with model name. Structure of wood cut by laser. Boulders of birch. Cotton candles cut and sewn by hand, read...

    • Brand: Artesanía Latina
    • ASIN: B074M7G1BC

  • Artesania Latina, S.A. 27007 Beginners Tool Set for Ship Builders

    This is the Shipbuilder's Beginning Tool Set from Artesania Latina. FEATURES: Common tools needed to get started in wooden model ship building INCLUDES: 3.5oz (100g) bottle of White Glue Diagonal Cutter Curved Tip Treezers Round #1 Paintbrush Fine Metal File Hobby Knife with #11 blade Wooden Block Sander with Sandpaper Bottle of Glue

    • Brand: Artesania Latina, S.A.
    • ASIN: B003T35UGE
    • UPC: 797839520518

  • Artesania Latina 22412 1/65 LA Pinta-V Model Building Kit

    Wooden model, 1:65 scale, of La Pinta caravel, the fastest of the three naos that served for the Discovery of America... And the most important because from this ship the famous "Land ho!". It is a scale model aimed at lovers of naval modeling. Use the best instructions on the market in seven languages ​​to build this historical replica.

    • Brand: Artesania Latina
    • ASIN: B003ATEJDC
    • UPC: 772223842292

  • Artesania Latina 27004 Cutting Set, Including Guillotine-V Model Building Kit

    Naval modeling tool, multi cutter set, ideal for cutting wood strakes in a desired shape. Not a toy. Designed for 27004 builders over the age of 14.

    • Brand: Artesania Latina
    • ASIN: B003T392EK

  • Juan Sebastian Elcano Wooden Ship Model Kit by Artesania Latina

    Modeling kit for the construction of the wooden model of the Spanish training ship Juan Sebastián Elcano. This 1/110 scale model includes all the parts needed to complete it: wires, sails, wooden parts, prefabricated metal parts... Once finished the model is 17.91'' long, 10.03'' high and 4.33'' wide. Easy to assemble, the replica is perfect for experts on naval modeling. HISTORY OF BOAT JUAN SEBASTIAN ELCANO Discover the Juan Sebastian Elcano, plastic and wooden model of this representative sailboat brigantine Spanish schooner. It receives its name by the Spanish explorer Juan Sebastian Elcano, captain of the expedition - after the death of Fernando de Magallanes -, that completed the first return to the world in 1522. Launched in 1927 in Cadiz, Juan Sebastian Elcano serves as a school ship in the Navy for the Marine Guards. In the second semester of the fourth year of his career at the Naval Military School they conducted an instructional cruise, a six-month voyage to America and some twenty thousand miles of travel. CONTENTS OF THE MODELING KIT JUAN SEBASTIAN ELCANO Build your scale model 1/110 Juan Sebastian Elcano, training ship of the Spanish Navy. Designed as an expert modeling kit, the model has parts of cut board by laser, noble wood, brass, cast iron and sails. For the...

    • Brand: Artesanía Latina
    • ASIN: B000X4Q6UQ

  • Artesania Latina 22451 1/60 Pilgrim Ship Mayflower Model Building Kit

    Build this 1/64 scale wooden model of the 17th century English ship Mayflower. It is a model in miniature directed mainly to the modelers of advanced level. The modeling kit is made of high quality materials and includes a full set of full color instructions. Once finalized this beautiful model is 23.81'' long, 19.68'' high and 9.44'' wide. Enjoy this jewel of the British naval modeling.

    • Brand: Artesania Latina
    • ASIN: B003SA1NM8