• Arctic spa silver sentinel filter- 2008 and older models

    NOTE: This if for 2008 and earlier Arctic Spa models. It has an open top and bottom with no cap and no threads. Pristine Spa Water with a Minimum Fuss. Arctic Spas use a simple and effective spa filtration system called Active Skim Filtration. This system utilizes an infinite-telescoping weir which applies a powerful vortex to the surface of the water where most contaminants accumulate. This vortex draws water down into the filter assembly where it is screened through a one (1) Micron Silver Sentinel filter. Additional water is drawn from the bottom of the spa through the suction fittings where it is also screened through the filter before returning through the equipment and back to the spa. 100% of the spa water is filtered over and over again, assuring you of the cleanest spa water possible.

    • Brand: Arctic Spa
    • ASIN: B004D8G5BI

  • Arctic Spa Silver Sentinel Threaded Filter - 2009-current Models.

    Arctic Spa Silver Sentinel Filter for all Arctic Spas 2009 and newer. These filters need to be replaced every three months.

    • Brand: Arctic Spas
    • ASIN: B004D6FNWW

  • Arctic Pure Onzen Salt 4.4 lbs, Arctic Spas

    Arctic Pure Onzen Salt is the replacement salt recommend for the Arctic Spa Onzen Salt Water System. BUY IN BULK & SAVE! Add (5) 4.4 lb Salt Buckets to your cart and we will send you (1) 4.4lb Salt Bucket for FREE (6 for the price of 5. $29.95 in savings!)

    • Brand: Arctic Pure
    • ASIN: B072LR95NT
    • UPC: 065180540678

  • Arctic Pure Refresh 6.6 lbs, Arctic Spas Non-Chlorine Shock

    Arctic Pure Refresh is non-chlorine shock.  6.6 lbs. bucket.

    • Brand: Arctic Pure
    • ASIN: B071HYG35T
    • UPC: 065180040598

  • Clear Choice CCP444 Pool Spa Replacement Cartridge Filter for Arctic Spa 006541, Silver Sentinel Filter Media, 5" Dia x 13-7/8" Long, [2-Pack]

    Clear Choice offers a full line of Pool/Spa replacement cartridge filter compatible with most swimming pool/hot tub spa filtration system. Clear Choice CCP444 replacement cartridge filter for Arctic Spa 006541, Silver Sentinel gives you the right balance of simple operation and maintenance, affordability, and quality that could reduce your regular pool maintenance budget down significantly.Using only the highest quality PPoz Reemay Spunbond Poly Filter Media and made to OEM specifications, each Clear Choice CCP444 pool and spa replacement cartridge filters contains no binders, so the filtering area is not limited and there are no potential contaminants leaching out during the filtration process therefore maximizing the effectiveness of filtering out any accumulating bacteria, mold and algae that can be present in swimming pools or hot tub spa. This antimicrobial property gives your swimming pool/spa continuous protection against microbes and microorganism invisible to the naked eye thus Clear Choice CCP444 replacement cartridge filter delivers commercial-grade performance that keeps your swimming pools/spas clean and sparkling water all year round - day in and day out.Clear Choice CCP444 replacement cartridge filter for Arctic Spa 006541, Silver Sentinel is also compatible with o...

    • Brand: Clear Choice
    • ASIN: B078J2YJ43
    • UPC: 817768023376

  • Arctic Pure Best Defense 1 qt, Arctic Spas Metal & Scale Conrol

    Arctic Pure Best Defense is the Metal and Scale Control.  1 qt. bottle.

    • Brand: Arctic Pure
    • ASIN: B0714G95B9
    • UPC: 065180040482

  • Arctic Pure Perfect Balance 1.5 lbs , Arctic Spas Raise Alkalinity

    Use Arctic Pure Perfect Balance to raise the Alkalinity of your spa water.  2 lbs. bottle.

    • Brand: Arctic Pure
    • ASIN: B072FL943R
    • UPC: 065180040536

  • Arctic Spas Silver Sentinel Rescue Filter Bag

    This filter works with any Arctic Spa equipped with the Active Skim Filtration. It is standard on 2011 Arctic Spas and newer.

    • Brand: ARCTIC
    • ASIN: B01N23T28L

  • Arctic Pure Refresh 2 lbs, Arctic Spas Non-Chlorine Shock

    Arctic Pure Refresh is non-chlorine shock.  2 lbs. bottle.

    • Brand: Arctic Pure
    • ASIN: B072BZK69R
    • UPC: 065180040468