Malatya, a famous city in Turkey, is the home of the best dried apricots in the world, producing more than 80% of the world's supply. Wild & Raw's Organic Sun Dried Apricots are brought to you from the local farmers of Malatya Region. Apricots are a good source of fiber, contain no added sugar, they are cholesterol free and vegan. Apricots are excellent for snacking, baking, cereals and confections. Ingredients: 100% Organic Dried Apricots.

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  • Terrasoul Superfoods Sun-Dried Apricots Unsulphured (Organic), 24 Ounce

    Grown on the shady slopes of the Anti-Taurus mountains in Turkey, our certified organic tree-ripened apricot halves are harvested then naturally dried in the sun, concentrating nutrients without additives or preservatives. These much-prized super fruits were first brought to Europe by Greeks who called them "Golden Eggs of the Sun". Dried apricots are a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamin A, polyphenols and. Add them to your raw food recipes or eat them right out of the bag as a satisfying, healthy snack. Our Sun-Dried Apricots are bursting with the sun's energy. Terrasoul Superfoods operates a state licensed, certified organic food processing facility and distributes the world's healthiest organic, nutrient-dense superfoods.

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  • Sunny Fruit Organic Apricots, Soft & Succulent Dried Turkish Apricots- 2Packs

    The Sunny Fruit difference begins at the source- Izmir, Turkey. here this perfect marriage of fertile soils and unique climate creates the most perfect organic Turkish apricots on earth. After the harvest, we meticulously sun-dry them for ideal sweetness. The perfect fig for every gourmet kitchen.

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  • Mariani Organic Sun Dried Unsulfured Malatya Apricots 2.5LB

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  • Food to Live Certified Organic Dried Apricots (Non-GMO, Kosher, Unsulfured, Bulk) (2 Pounds)

    Dried apricots benefits are too many to count. They are rich in fiber, so they are a great snack for a weight loss diet. This fruit helps keep your heart healthy and your skin firm as it contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants.Food To Live sun-dried apricots are sourced from reliable farmers who use safe agricultural practices.Dried Apricots Nutrition ValueDried apricots are exceptionally rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium, as well as vitamins A and C. They are great for vegans and are recommended to women who need more iron in their diet.DirectionsYou can find a dried apricots recipe for any kind of dish, whether it's a main, sauce, or jam. You can also eat them directly from the pack as they make great healthy snacks.It's possible to make dried apricots at home using a dehydrator or an oven. However, this would take over 12 hours of drying, which is highly energy-consuming.The sweet flavor of this fruit makes it perfect for desserts. We suggest you to try our special dried apricots cake:- 8 oz digestive biscuits- 3 ½ oz butter- 5 oz agave syrup- 10 oz chocolate (5 milk+5 dark)- 3 ½ oz dried apricots- 2 oz pecans- 2 ½ oz raisinsInstructions:1. Crush biscuits and chop apricots.2. Melt chocolate, syrup, and butter together and stir.3. Add the rest of the ingredients to t...

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  • Anna and Sarah Organic Dried Turkish Apricots 2 Lbs in Resealable Bag

    •Dried & Delicious Organic Apricots - One of the best apricots in the world have been growing in Malatya region of Turkey for hundreds of years. •By Anna and Sarah - We bring the best quality of nuts & dried fruits and snacks & flavors all around the world into your bag and onto your plate. •THEY ARE HEALTHY! - Apricots are rich in vitamin A, good source of potassium, magnesium, and iron. •Lovely Snacks. - Soft, sweet, and juicy. •STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool, dry area; after opening, place in tightly sealed airtight or heavy-duty plastic bag. Refrigeration is recommended in hot, humid environments. •Allergy information: Packed in a facility that also handles treenuts. •We sell them in resealable bags, you can keep them fresh. •Origin: Turkey - Packed in USA. ENJOY IT!

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  • Made in Nature Organic Dried Apricots, 48 oz - Non-GMO Vegan Dried Fruit Snack

    BEAUTIFULLY BRONZED When nature makes fruit, it does so delicately. Ergo, we don't manhandle our Organic Apricots. We let them ripen naturally in the warm Turkish sun. And most importantly, we treat them with care, not sulfur. Fact is, bright orange highway hazard signs are a lot like bright orange dried apricots: they signal danger. That blazing hue ain't natural-it's from preservatives (instead of "it comes from sulfur") or artificial color, and if you ask us, messing with nature's palette is baloney. Our apricots are free to just do how they do. They're brown. They're naked. And they look and taste darn good that way.

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  • Happy Village Organic and Unsulphured Apricots, 40-ounce

    40-ounce bag of apricots

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  • NUTS U.S. - Organic Sun-Dried Apricots (2 LB.)

    If you are a health cautious individual who likes to stay active and enjoy healthylifestyle and all natural snacks then these Organic Dried Apricots are for YOU! These apricots have a distinctive flavor you will immediately notice! Our PREMIUM dried apricots are - Packed fresh - TASTY - and kept in SEALED bags for extra security and freshness - Bags are resealable so that you can enjoy them FRESH every time. Dried Apricots are highly nutritious, they are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and potassium. These nuts are great for snacking, making salads, or baking. Don't waste any more time and enjoy these delicious, dried berries that people have been enjoying for decades!

    • Brand: NUTS U.S.
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