• 3M Safety-Walk Tub and Shower Tread, Clear, 2-Inch by 180-Inch Roll, 7641NA

    This Safety Walk tub and shower tread is ideal for helping prevent slips and falls. Used for sure-footed protection in the bathroom, can be used on the bottoms of bathtubs and showers. The strong adhesive resists cracking and peeling yet feels comfortable under bare feet. Mold and mildew resistant and easy to apply simply cut to size with scissors. tub and shower tread is a great choice in anti-slip protection. Available in clear color. Measures 180-Inch length by 2-Inch width.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Safety-Walk
    • ASIN: B009NP1N0Y
    • UPC: 051131594456

  • NEW: Original Carpet Tape 90ft Roll, For Rugs, Mats, Pads, Runners [Anti Slip Non Skid Technology] Indoor Gripper Tape Double Sided Adhesive [Works on ANY Floor] Grips Hardwood, Tile, Laminate Floor

    Self-adhesive double sided carpet tape. Each huge value roll is 30yards (90 feet) long and 1.88 inch wide so is more than enough to secure even the largest of rugs or to hold fitted carpets in place. Kraftex carpet tape holds rugs, matts and carpets in place on all types of flooring including carpet, tiles, hardwoods, softwoods, laminate and concrete. Unique yellow glue and fibre mesh combine to ensure a strong long lasting bond between the flooring and carpet being held. When it's time to reposition rugs the tape can be peeled from the floor by hand without leaving residue or damaging your floor coverings. For particularly delicate floor coverings a solvent based adhesive removal spray can be used to dissolve the glue and leave any surface pristine. We are so confident our carpet tape will hold firm we will FULLY REFUND you if it doesn't. So, click "Add To Cart" now and buy with confidence.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Kraftex
    • UPC: 635146926282

  • Tape King Anti Slip Traction Tape - 4 Inch x 30 Foot - Best Grip, Friction, Abrasive Adhesive for Stairs, Safety, Tread Step, Indoor, Outdoor - Black

    Stay safe and enjoy using the wider Tape King's 80 Grit Traction Anti-Slip Tape. This non slip tape has an aluminum oxide which is high traction, anti-slip, and waterproof, coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. A perfect grip solution for use indoors or outdoors on walkways, ramps, stairways; in machine shops, work areas, etc.; to comply with OSHA 1910.263(3) 3" core. This tape is a single roll of 4" x 30 Feet. Our item is also known as Anti-Slip Tape, Non-skid Tape, Nonskid Tape, Safety Walk Tape, Skid Resistant Tape, Stair Tape, Step Tape, Sure Step Tape, Step Tread Tape, Safety Tape, Colored Non Skid Tape, Color Non-Skid Tape.OKAY to use on surfaces that are clean, dry, flat, and smooth such as: tile, marble, wood, flooring, plastic, glass, metal. Do NOT use on surfaces that is dirty, oily, uneven, rugged, rough, dusty, grimy, sandy, muddy, wet, watery. This tape is not meant for under water use or water submersion.We're a legitimate USA company based in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Avoid the pitfalls of purchasing from Chinese sellers that will not stand by the products and deceitful tactics.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tape King
    • ASIN: B01M63K167
    • UPC: 755702025362

  • Houseables Grip Tape Roll, Anti Slip Step Treads, Black, 80 Grit, 60' x 2", Non Skid/Nonslip, Safety, High Friction, Strong Abrasive for Boats, Steps, Stairs, Ramps, Ladders, Forklifts, Indoor/Outdoor

    The Strongest and Longest Lasting Hold Our heavy-duty grip tape is both water and weatherproof to provide traction on the most slippery of surfaces in any professional or personal setting. It has an industrial strength adhesive base with rubberized textured top that is made to withstand years of heavy foot traffic and harsh outdoor climates. The sand-like 80-grid surface is UV protected to prevent fading and discoloration from longtime sun exposure, ensuring long lasting usage. Applies Easily Onto Multiple Surfaces For the best application, simply position the tape to your liking, peel off the release liner, and apply firmly onto a clean, dry, and oil free surface. Its excellent wear resistance will prevent peeling, wrinkling, tearing, or lifting -- making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use on stairs, pool areas, ramps, construction sites, road repair sites, and much more. Reduces Accidents that are waiting to Happen Heavy duty, waterproof, and weatherproof anti-slip tape will provide unparalleled friction to help reduce injuries and accidents in industrial and commercial environments. Its low profile helps prevent the edges from curling so it can install securely onto even irregular surfaces. It can quickly be cut and shaped for any customized fit. It is mop-friendly a...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Houseables
    • ASIN: B01C68H8V2
    • UPC: 641020334869

  • Roberts 50-580 Roll of Indoor Anti-Slip Gripper Tape for Small Rugs, 2-1/2" x 25'

    Roberts Indoor, Anti-Slip Tape for Small Rugs offers non-slip strength that keeps your rugs and mats from bunching up or sliding across the floor on tile, marble, laminate, wood, carpet and other flooring surfaces. It releases quickly when lifted up allowing you to easily reposition your rugs. Rug Gripper Mesh Tape is safe, non-toxic and odor free.

    • Color: Blues
    • Brand: Roberts
    • ASIN: B0078S2D0W
    • UPC: 075378050582

  • Roberts 50-582 Value Roll of Rug Gripper Anti-Slip Tape for Small Indoor Rugs, 2-1/2" x 60'

    Roberts Indoor 60 ft. Anti-Slip Tape for Small Rugs offers non-slip strength that keeps your rugs and mats from bunching up or sliding across the floor on tile, marble, laminate, wood, carpet and other flooring surfaces. It releases quickly when lifted up allowing you to easily reposition your rugs. Rug Gripper Mesh Tape is safe, non-toxic and odor free.

    • Color: Blues
    • Brand: Roberts
    • ASIN: B00J9Q32XS
    • UPC: 075378505822

  • Anti Slip Tape Clear,Safety Track Tape Skid Tape Roll High Traction Strong Grip Abrasive Residue Free Adhesive (2" width x 190" long,Clear)

    It is made of clear fine grit(not coarse) that elegantly blends to your flooring material while giving people and dogs(or other pets) utmost comfort and feeling of safety.The more you step on it the clearer it gets. Main materials: gravel, paper, strong glue Applicable temperature range: 14-140℉/-10-60℃ The best initial bonding temperature: 68-77 ℉ / 20-25 ℃, 24 hours after the best fit fastness Storage conditions: cool and dark, film bag sealed Whether it can be used outdoors: temporary use, intolerant long soak, not the sun long direct Suitable for range: flat, clean, smooth, hard material on the floor or surface (such as:staircase treads,steps,ladders,ramps,scaffolding,porch or garages etc.) Not suitable for range: rough, soft, moist, dusty floor or porous surface HOW TO USE? 1. Make sure the contact surfaces flat, clean and dry when you apply it. 2.Cut the tape to the desired length and round the corners with scissors. 3.Peel release paper and place in desired location. (When the temperature is low, please slowly heated with a hair dryer, and gum with good results) 4.Pressure is applied uniformly from the center of the tape to both ends. (Applied tape waited 24 Hrs) OTHER TIPS: A.Keep away from Children and Pets. B.All grit tape will show dirt o...

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Yorwe
    • ASIN: B072354ZXS
    • UPC: 723610210644

  • Anti-Slip Grip Tape – Glow-in-Dark for Local Illumination - Improves Grip and Prevents Risk of Slippage on Stairs or Other Slippery Surfaces - 2” Wide and 14’ Long Roll - Keeps You Safe!

    Are you looking for improving safety of your place in every possible way and are looking for smart ways to help reduce the number of slipping incidences within your premises? Do you have increasing number of slipping on stair accidents and you are required to take necessary measures to bring down these numbers? Are you concerned about the safety of your family, especially kids while they use the stairs or any other slippery surface in the house? Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits: ABCO GRIP TAPE -Anti-slip grip tape that reduces risk of slipping on the stairs or any slippery surface -Unlike other inferior quality tapes, our grip tapes come in 2" width which provides sufficient area for forming a good grip and thus avoiding slipping -14' Long Roll of Grip Tape - Can cut the tape into pieces to meet your custom requirements -Superior quality that doesn't easily wear or tear -Glow-in-dark tape that helps illuminate the local area and thus improves visibility and reduces chances of tripping over the edge -Ideal for home, corporate buildings, industrial areas and many other similar places -Ideal for places where significant physical modification cannot be done but still there is a need to reduce ris...

    • Brand: ABCO TECH
    • ASIN: B01MQDUJ6S
    • UPC: 855928006449

  • Safety Tape Roll Yellow and Black Anti Slip - Highest Traction (4" x 60' Yellow/Black)

    This striped, antiskid tape is made of rugged, aluminum oxide grit on durable, adhesive-backed polyester. It is designed to bond permanently to clean, dry floors while withstanding grease and oil. Engineered for indoor and outdoor use.

    • Color: 4" x 60' Yellow/Black
    • Brand: SlipDoctors
    • ASIN: B071JFNL4G
    • UPC: 669393681298