• Eternal Frontier (The Eternal Frontier Book 1)

    On a planet as deadly as it is mysterious, one man stands between humanity and the dawn of a new war.Humanity has avoided interstellar war for centuries. It was a time of peace, prosperity, and exploration. But when an unexpected attack cripples a scientific vessel, the SRES Argo, it appears that time has come to an end.Chief Medical Officer Tag Brewer is the ship’s only survivor. He is alone in the far reaches of space. To survive he must restore and protect the downed vessel from its unknown attackers on a planet as deadly as it is mysterious. He vows to do everything in his power to seek justice for his fallen crew. When Tag uncovers a sinister secret about those who attacked the Argo, he realizes far more is at stake than just his survival. Something more powerful, more technologically advanced, and more ruthless has emerged from the darkest voids of the galaxy. It’s up to Tag to survive long enough to warn humanity and stop the dawn of a new war.The Eternal Frontier SeriesBook 1: Eternal FrontierBook 2: Edge of WarBook 3: Shattered Dawn

    • ASIN: B01M2UHRHV

  • The Iron Maiden (Bio of a Space Tyrant Book 6)

    The final installment of the Bio of a Space Tyrant series covers the same period as the first five books, but with a twist. The Iron Maiden is told from the point of view of Hope’s sister, Spirit. This book fills in the gaps when the two siblings were apart and perfectly wraps up this scintillating series!

    • ASIN: B00KLOY484

  • Shoe Organizer Space Saver Slotz Storage Rack Holder - Pack of 10 Anthony Wong (10)

    Do you have limit space but the shoes are too much for it? This shoe organize are the best solution to solve this problem! With this rack, if you are a shoes lover or your family is big, you just put these slotz in your closet or wardrobe etc. It can satisfy most shoe size and it is also a good décor for your home! Size:10''x3''x5.5''x2.3'' Material: ABS Plastic LIFETIME WARRANTY - If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you as best as we can.

    • Color: Colorful
    • Brand: Anthony Wong
    • ASIN: B078Q4BR1M

  • Warped Space: Art, Architecture, and Anxiety in Modern Culture

    How psychological ideas of space have profoundly affected architectural and artistic expression in the twentieth century.Beginning with agoraphobia and claustrophobia in the late nineteenth century, followed by shell shock and panic fear after World War I, phobias and anxiety came to be seen as the mental condition of modern life. They became incorporated into the media and arts, in particular the spatial arts of architecture, urbanism, and film. This "spatial warping" is now being reshaped by digitalization and virtual reality. Anthony Vidler is concerned with two forms of warped space. The first, a psychological space, is the repository of neuroses and phobias. This space is not empty but full of disturbing forms, including those of architecture and the city. The second kind of warping is produced when artists break the boundaries of genre to depict space in new ways. Vidler traces the emergence of a psychological idea of space from Pascal and Freud to the identification of agoraphobia and claustrophobia in the nineteenth century to twentieth-century theories of spatial alienation and estrangement in the writings of Georg Simmel, Siegfried Kracauer, and Walter Benjamin. Focusing on current conditions of displacement and placelessness, he examines ways in which contemporary arti...

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  • Mercenary (Bio of a Space Tyrant Book 2)

    SCOURGE OF THE ECLIPTIC He was driven by violent injustice from his home moon of Callisto—and set forth to claim the epic destiny that would blaze across worlds and time. He saw his family destroyed, his sister carried off into sexual slavery, his beautiful lover killed—and he swore revenge against the murderous pirates who held the Jupiter planetoids in a stranglehold of terror.Fired by raw courage, steeled by young might, he rose in the navy of Jupiter to command a personal squadron loyal to the death. And it was death they faced—against piratical warlords of the Jupiter Elliptic who laughed at the young commander’s challenge . . . until they met the merciless fury of the warrior who would annihilate all obstacles in his path to immortal renown as the tyrant of Jupiter.


  • Fire Maidens of Outer Space

    An astronaut and crew land on Jupiter's 13th moon and find a monster and women from Atlantis.

    • Brand: Olive Films
    • ASIN: B00D3DJH7S
    • UPC: 887090047906

  • Negation Force (Obsidiar Fleet Book 1)

    Negation Force. A planet without power, locked down by an alien war fleet.The human Confederation has known an unprecedented time of peace, unheard of in a universe where every other species is not only technologically advanced, but also incredibly hostile.The good times are about to end.Out on the fringes, the planet Atlantis is attacked by an alien foe remembered only by the oldest members of the Space Corps. These aliens – known as Vraxar – are abominations of flesh and metal, driven to exterminate every other life form in the universe. Now it’s humanity’s turn.In the ruins of the Tillos military installation, Sergeant Eric McKinney is determined to fight back and find out why the Vraxar have come. Meanwhile, a response fleet is mustered with the intention of facing the enemy head-on. It’s a mission with no hope of success.As events unfold, it becomes apparent the Vraxar have secrets which give clues to their purpose. The answers are more shocking than anyone could have imagined.The lives of strangers are intertwined and together they must try and salvage something from this first exchange in a war that will not end until one side is utterly defeated. Luckily, the Tillos base holds secrets of its own…a warship with an exceptionally powerful Obsidiar core is contain...

    • ASIN: B07D91Z5L1