• CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap, Live Catch and Release, Kids/Pet Safe, Easy To Set, For Indoor/Outdoor, Reusable Cage Box, For Small Rat/Mouse/Hamster/Mole Catcher That Works. 2 Pack

    HUMANE - Catch and release mouse trap without killing/hurting or make any pain/suffer. no harm, cruelty free!SAFE PROVEN DEVICE - No poison, glue gel or chemical, non lethal, safe around children and pets (cats, dogs), Silent, Risk free!SIMPLE TO USE- Place the food bait in the compartment and open the spring door.EASY TO CLEAN, WASHABLE- The compartment box can be removed and easily washed, waterproof item.REUSABLE - Can be reuse many years to come. Refillable, multi refill.Most effective, sensitive and reliable mouse cube that really work better than all havahart traps. Quick, fast, instant harmless painless captureUnlike tomcat d-con traps, CaptSure human traps will keep rodent alive without harming.For inside house/outside field, industrial / commercial use.Kids / pets friendlyEasy setting and clean release, no mess, no touching mice.How It Works:1. Place the bait in the small compartment at the back). the tiny holes should facing towards the inside of the tunnel to lure the mouse inside.2. Setup- Open the single gate on the front.3. Place the trap by the wall where the mouse is likely to be shown.Do not touch the bait or the inside of the trap with bare hands. Using a glove is highly recommendedprofessional pest control get rid of mice original best seller humanitarian trps ...

    • Brand: CaptSure
    • ASIN: B073GRKG88
    • UPC: 700287221302

  • Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller control/2 models/5 PACK-Plug In Indoor-Electronic Pest Reject Repllent for Mosquitoes/Mice/Ants/Spiders/Roaches/Insects-Replace Mouse Traps/Non-toxic/Pet Safe

    Protecting your home from PEST starts from within! SONICADE PEST REPELLER Offers the latest revolutionary breakthrough technology, producing high band frequencies sound waves that lets unwanted pest know they are not welcome! NO MORE HARMFUL TOXIC FUMES & CHEMICALS! Protecting your home and your family from unwanted pest has never been more convenient , effective & safe. With the PLUG & PLAY action - pick your rooms around the house and build a sound wave barricade with SONICADE! ENERGY SAVER $$ Never have to worry about your electricity bill going up as you keep these repellers on 24/7 for maximum home protection. With only 6-8 W usage per device gives you a peace of mind on your billing and the protection you deserve. What's In The Box? SONICADE Offers an EXCLUSIVE 2 Model ( 5 pack ) SET 4x single band chip ULTRASONIC Wave Frequency repeller ( Fixed frequency range: 25~55 KHz ) 1x double band chip ELECTROMAGNETIC Wave Frequency repeller ( Fixed frequency range: 25~65 KHz ) * Night light features on both models helps indicates sound barrier is active! * May take up to 2-3 weeks to start seeing actual results *REMINDER , once active pest may start reacting and come out of hiding as they try to retreat and find their way out! Be patient and keep trapping if you already have trap...

    • Brand: Sonicade
    • ASIN: B07C94182Y
    • UPC: 759740987590

  • SUJING Humane Mouse Trap Rat Trap Cage Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents Squirrels

    ✔ Rodent Animal Mouse Humane Live Trap Hamster Cage Mice Rat Control Catch Bait ✔ Features: ✔ 100% brand new and high quality. ✔ Preassembled ✔ Easy bait, set and release ✔ Heavy duty and Durable ✔ Bait pan for easy catch ✔ Separate Release (exit) door ✔ Smoothed and rounded inside edges for the protection of the animal ✔ Suggested animals used for trapping: rats, weasels, chipmunks, flying squirrels, rabbits, mink, squirrels, muskrats, ferrets, possums, skunks, woodchucks, porcupines, stray cats, Opossums, raccoons, bobcats and more..... ✔ Product Properties: ✔ Charger:Not Applicable ✔ State:Solid ✔ Feature:Eco-Friendly,Stocked ✔ Pest Control Type:Traps ✔ Design:Regular ✔ Fragrance:None ✔ Product:Accessories ✔ Object:Mice ✔ Pest Type:Mice ✔ Specifications: ✔ Material: Steel ✔ Color: Silver ✔ Size: 27.5cm x 15cm x 12cm ✔ Package included: 1 * Animal Trap Cage

    • Brand: SUJING
    • ASIN: B07F11TY4W
    • UPC: 664210122213

  • Redneck Convent Trapping Set –  Complete Animal Leg Trap Kit with #2 Coil Spring Traps, Lure and Bait for Coyote/Fox

    Do you like to hunt but don't have time to sit in a field and wait for wildlife to come to you so you can quickly take a shot? We have your solution. Use the Redneck Convent Large Animal Leg Trapping Set as your go-to foot-hold restraining devices for hunting and trapping larger animals such as coyotes and foxes. Built by Dakotaline, this set is constructed from steel components and includes a large trap jaw with coil springs that power the device. Anchor the trap down and let the trap do the work for you! Do your part to manage wildlife populations by investing in the Redneck Convent Large Animal Leg Trapping Set. Package contains all the essentials including offset jaw traps, a dirt sifter, narrow blade trowel, trapline hammer, pan covers, lures, bait, snares, and J-hooks.

    • Brand: Redneck Convent
    • ASIN: B0713S3J6R
    • UPC: 688295876144

  • Inverlee New Automatic Flycatcher Fly Trap Pest Reject Control Catcher Trap Housefly (B)

    Flycatcher Maintenance Management: Wait at least 2 hours to see if the flies will attract the water in the jar. Check the effect of your killing. If the effect is not good, it is recommended to replace the bait and fly trapping environment. Bait making method The environment allows the place to be afraid of the bait smell. It is recommended to use fish gills, fish blood, pig blood, animal waste after killing chickens and ducks, etc. The scent of the animal is so odorous that the food that attracts flies is easy to attract into the small dish (the bait tray). The environment is not allowed to be afraid of the bait smell. You can use watermelon rind, fruit, bee vinegar, brown sugar and glutinous rice, fermented fruit (banana, rotten fruit) and other small scented foods that are easy to attract flies into small dishes (bait tray) . Important note: To ensure the effect, please catch the fly on a sunny day (not on rainy days and cold days because there are fewer flies). Use the fly-killing cans outdoors, and the bait uses a bait with a strong rancid smell (such as spoiled pig liver and fish viscera) to kill the fly. The bait must stand on its own and smell the nausea. The experiment proves irritating. The effect of small taste is not ideal! size:23x23x9cm material: plastic includ...

    • Color: B
    • Brand: Inverlee
    • ASIN: B07FC8QT48
    • UPC: 661964324740

  • LtrottedJ Red Drosophila Fly Trap ,Top Catcher The Ultimate Fly Catcher Insect Bug Killer

    Red Drosophila Fly Trap Top Catcher The Ultimate Fly Catcher Insect Bug Killer Specification: Brand new Material: Plastic Size: about 20.5*20.5CM Color: as picture shows Non-toxic and environmentally friendly Just add water and bait mix (included) and hang outside Included flying will die within one day. Easy to set up and use Will catch up to 20,000 fly This ingenious flying killer is the ideal way to reduce the annoying flies and bugs safely Note:Please allow 2-3 cm errors by manual measurementArticle color displayed in photos may show something different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated equal Package Included:1 x Flycatcher Top Catcher,,venus fly trap mask medicine mix home depot traps fertilizer figurine for sale kids flower fake feed plant food bags outdoor solar care book container costume case adult cheap kit clothing car dress decoration dvd dome drops decor doll dunecraft display indoor sticky window ribbon light raid sconce clear strips silver spray hoont hidden stick live king henry seeds prime planter pot and terrarium in aquarium wall with bait mount kits starbar uv necklace net catcher electric machine tape trapping toy roll t-shirt flycatcher bird animal apps string rotating humane wheel the rye paperback catchers gear mitt bag thumb guard...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: LtrottedJ
    • ASIN: B07F2HYLX7
    • UPC: 704884020375

  • 15 piece Fox & Coyote, Trapping Package kit New sale animal control

    This kit will include Three #2 traps good for fox up to coyote size animals. Three stakes with driver. Three quick links to attach traps to stakes. One pair of gloves. One fox & coyote bait. Two fox and coyote lures. One bottle of urine.

    • ASIN: B072J9RDWG
    • UPC: 729224111933

  • IPrint School Supplies Fishing Decor,Fishing Tackle Bait for Spearing Trapping Catching Aquatic Animals Molluscs Design,Multi for Girls or boys Washable

    This lunch bag can be as a tote bag or messenger bag,more convenient.It is easy to take,having good heat preservation effect. What's more,we have all kinds of designs for your choices, we also can accept customized pictures from you. Dear Customer: Thanks for your order! We will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.Your positive feedback will be greatly appreciated! If you have problems, please email us firstly about your concerns. We commit to offer you the best product and service!

    • Brand: iPrint
    • ASIN: B07FJZ3DHD

  • 15 piece Fox, Coyote, Raccoon Trapping Package kit New sale animal control By Fox Pro Snares LLC.

    This kit will include One #1 1/2 trap good for raccoon and smaller animals. One #2 trap good for fox up to coyote size animals. One #3 trap good for coyote and bigger animals. Three stakes with driver. Three quick links to attach traps to stakes. One pair of gloves. One raccoon bait. One fox & coyote bait. Two fox and coyote lures.

    • ASIN: B071SD77NK
    • UPC: 729224111926