• Hands-on History

    Making learning fun and interactive builds excitment for your social studies students. This book includes game-formatted activities for the study of Ancient Civilizations such as ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. These hands-on activities are aligned to state and national standards and supports college and career readiness skills. The hands-on lessons foster engagement, teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. In addition to history-based lessons, this resource includes grading rubrics and ideas for assessment. The games in Hands-on History Activities will help you take an active approach to teaching while inspiring your students to make their own explorations of history. About Shell Education Rachelle Cracchiolo started the company with a friend and fellow teacher. Both were eager to share their ideas and passion for education with other classroom leaders. What began as a hobby, selling lesson plans to local stores, became a part-time job after a full day of teaching, and eventually blossomed into Teacher Created Materials. The story continued in 2004 with the launch of Shell Education and the introduction of professional resources and classroom application books designed to support Teacher Created Materials curriculum resources. Today, Teacher Crea...

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  • Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Creation to Jesus Christ: Elementary Activity Book

    Families or teachers using Ancient Civilizations & the Bible will find many terrific activities in this Elementary Activity Book for grades K-4.

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  • Fun with Egyptian Symbols Stencils (Dover Stencils)

    This collection of open stencils introduces youngsters to six symbols with an ancient past. Included are Egyptian emblems for the scarab beetle; cobra goddess Renenutet; Horus, the falcon god; the vulture goddess Nekhbet; the Eye of Horus; and a ram with curved horns — one of the many forms of Amun, "the king of gods."Ideal for use in school assignments and decoration, these unusual figures will create instant interest on a variety of flat surfaces.

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  • Ancient Civilizations - Common Core Lessons and Activities

    The Ancient Civilizations - Common Core Lessons and Activities is designed to supplement your Social Studies resources, adding new Common Core rigor, analysis, writing, inference, text-dependent questions, and more into your daily instruction.How to Use The Ancient Civilizations - Common Core Lessons and Activities book: Work through the lessons and activities as a class to teach your students higher-order thinking, analysis, and 21st century skills necessary to meet new Common Core expectations. Allow students to work through the lessons independently to build and practice These new skills. Include technology, collaboration, presentations, and discussion in the activities as you desire - you can decide how in-depth to go. Watch your class develop new abilities to meet the rigor of Common Core State Standards, right before your eyes! Tips: Use some of the pages - or use them all - based on your grade, your students, your curriculum, and your needs. Use these pages at their current size, or if you prefer. Then to be 8.5" X 11", enlarge it to 125% on your copy machine. Use the correlations grid to easily see which Common Core standards are covered in each lesson. The Ancient Civilizations - Common Core Lessons and Activities book includes: Reading for Information Higher-Ord...

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  • McDonald Publishing MC-R540 Ancient Civilizations Reproducible Book, 0.3" Height, 8.6" Wide, 11.3" Length

    Fascinating information, thought-provoking questions, and challenging map activities will stimulate your students' interest in the ancient world. The pages focus on Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome as well as the societies that developed in China, India, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas. Grades 6-9.

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  • Ancient Civilizations: China • India • Africa • Mesopotamia: All-in-One Resource With Background Information, Map Activities, Simulations and Games, ... and Critical Thinking in Social Studies

    This resource provides lessons and activities that bring four distant cultures vibrantly into the classroom and immerse students in history. Rich background materials support engaging activities such as reading-aloud a short play based on the epic of Gilgamesh, learning the basics of Chinese calligraphy, planning an Indus Valley travel itinerary, playing a board game popular in ancient Kush, and many more. For use with Grades 5 & Up.

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  • The Story of Civilization Activity Book: VOLUME I - The Ancient World

    The Activity Book and companion Teacher’s Manual provide a complete review of everything read in The Story of Civilization: The Ancient World, along with creative activities to accompany each chapter, including: • Reading comprehension questions • Narration Exercises  • Map Activities • Coloring Pages • Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches • Craft Projects unique to each chapter • Fun Snack Ideas and Recipes • Science Projects that illustrate the lessons learned in the chapters These books provide a complete and creative overview to the teacher and student alike, reaffirming the content found in The Story of Civilization.*While the Teacher’s Manual contains answers and directions to the exercises found in the Activity Book, it also has its own additional activity suggestions for parents to do with their children.  The Story of the Civilization series has seven products and uses the "schoolhouse model" so that kids of all ages can engage with the content. Which products the student uses depends on their age. For the Activity Book, the suggested age range is 6-10 years old.   

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