• Open Reel Audio Leader Tape Kit Solid White 1/4" X 200 Ft With Splicing Tape for Maxell, RMGI, AMPEX, and ATR Tape TME PN ACLEADERKIT-A

    This basic kit is great for anyone just needing to leader a small number of tapes, yet it doesn't compromise quality. It contains 200 feet of the very same 1/4 inch leader tape we ship to the major archives around the USA. The kit also contains one 82 foot roll of top rated TME splicing tape. Does not include a splicing block (recommended for leadering!)

    • Brand: TME
    • ASIN: B073Z5YBGY
    • UPC: 858765005415

  • Ampex 661 5 inch reel to reel tape - 1/4 x 1800 - Pack of 2 tapes

    Pack of 2 Ampex 661 5 inch professional recording audio reel to reel tapes

    • Brand: Ampex
    • ASIN: B071GJRRZ6
    • UPC: 769760348035

  • ATR AMPEX Quantegy Style 1/4" X 10.5" Metal Takeup Reel for Open Reel Tape by TME

    TME three screw NAB takeup reel for 1/4" tape. 10.5" in diameter. We really like these reels, because of the flatness and classic design. Made in USA in all respects. Comes in a hinged white cardboard setup box with metal hub support. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A 7" reel. You will need your tape deck's hub adapters to use this reel. Label is optional and included in box.

    • Brand: TME
    • ASIN: B00W4F42NA
    • UPC: 858765005200

  • Open Reel Tape Aluminum Takeup Reel 1/4" X 10.5" DIAMETER Empty ATR AMPEX Quantegy Style by TME

    **Our Favorite Reel Design of All Time** This is an official ATR/AMPEX style three screw NAB takeup reel for 1/4" tape. 10.5" in diameter. We really like these reels, because of its flatness and classic design! Comes heat shrink sealed in a white setup box with Metal Hub support and box labels. (Genuine TME product has box label and TME warranty. ) Does not include any reel labels. Made in USA in all respects. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A 7" REEL AND WILL NOT FIT A TAPE DECK THAT ONLY TAKES 7" REELS. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DECK CAN HANDLE A 10.5" NAB REEL BEFORE ORDERING! CHECK YOUR MANUAL!

    • Brand: TME
    • ASIN: B00DNJR2PQ
    • UPC: 038113500414

  • AMPEX 456 1" X 10" Metal Takeup Reel Tape

    AMPEX 456 Studio Mastering Reel Tape Used in Very Good condition 1" tape 10" in diameter Standard bias studio tape, specially designed for Compatibility with industry standard For use in music studios and broadcasting for multitrack and mastering recording. Offering high level uniformity up to the highest frequencies and excellent DC noise excellent winding even at high speeds

    • Brand: Ampex
    • ASIN: B077ZRW1V5

  • Ampex New Replacement BELTS Set of 2 for use with SONY TC-W380 Cassette Player

    **NEW** Replacement BELT SET of 2 for aSony TC-W380 Cassette Player**each side uses a belt set**We have belts for ALL SONYS ..and other reel players.. If you have an old piece of electronic equipment that needs a belt... We've got'em!!!.. Just email me your make and model # so we can match the belt. **FREE S/H** SquareTrade © squaretrade warranty v2.0 Exported By ExportYourStore

    • Brand: Ampex
    • ASIN: B06Y5BXKR3
    • UPC: 715957938503

  • TME Open Reel Audio Splicing Tape 1/4 In X 82 Ft in Logo Poly Pack for RMGI Quantegy Maxell AMPEX ATR Media AC1S89B1C

    DESCRIPTION: TMETM AC1S89B1-C, available exclusively from US Recording, is similar to RMGI and 3M 67 splicing tape and is ideal for professional home use. Designed for use in splicing magnetic tape to leader tape or making intra-tape splices. This tape is re-positionable in case you need to adjust your splice and totally grips the media after being firmly pressed onto the media. This splicing tape is custom made in Europe to TMETM specifications. Specially formulated for back coated tapes like RMGI Emtec, 3M, AMPEX, or ATR. For 1/4" tape. 82' long on 1" blue plastic core. Comes double sealed in a blue zip pouch for fuzz free storage. Made in Europe. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Minimal adhesive buildup on cutting blades High shear, special non-oozing adhesive great for back coated tapes High strength (exceeds 3 KG test) Uniform roll unwind, no more jerky unwind Precision slitting tolerances Slit and certified ISO 9001 compliant TECHNICAL DATA: Color: Blue Core: Green Substrate: .0009 inch...... 23 microns Adhesive: .0002 inch...... 5 microns Total: .0011 inch...... 28 microns

    • Color: BLUE Tape in Blue TME Logo Poly Pack
    • Brand: TME
    • ASIN: B00NNSO11K
    • UPC: 858765005033