• Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives

    Jeff Wilson's new book, Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives, offers more than 300 pages of detailed information on diesel locomotives produced in North America from the 1930s to today. An essential guide for model railroaders and train enthusiasts, this comprehensive reference book includes: All-time rosters for more than 100 major railroads in the U.S. and Canada through the 1970s. Spotting features on all major locomotive types produced. Characteristics and operation of diesel locomotives. New and updated material (text, charts and, photos). 400 color/black&white photos And much more! Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives is an important reference for railfans and model railroaders alike.

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  • The American Diesel Locomotive

    Ride the rails through the development and history of America's diesel-electric locomotives. Diesel-electric played a critical role in the industrialization of America. After WWII, diesels rapidly displaced the steam locomotive as the dominant source of motive power on the rails. This lavishly illustrated volume delivers detailed coverage of the development of the diesel including AC traction and the 800-horsepower beasts introduced in the mid 1990s. Solomon describes how diesels are operated and maintained today. Appendix lists where restored early diesels can be seen today.

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  • The American Diesel Locomotive

    Pictorial inventory of the diesel locomotives used in America, organized by type (switching, road-switching, general purpose, special-duty, passenger, freight, and monster). There are photos and drawings of each diesel locomotive in the approximate chronological order of its appearance on American railroads. A short technical account accompanies each locomotive drawing. The book also includes a short but detailed history of the development of diesels and a description of their manufacturers. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos. 254 pages.

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  • Evolution of the American Diesel Locomotive (Railroads Past and Present)

    The diesel locomotive sent shock waves through rigid corporate cultures and staid government regulators. For some, the new technology promised to be a source of enormous profits; for others, the railroad industry seemed a threat to their very livelihoods. Evolution of the American Diesel Locomotive introduces the reader to the important technological advances that gave rise to diesel engines, examining not only their impact on locomotive design, but also their impact on the economic and social landscapes. J. Parker Lamb describes the development of these technologies, allowing the reader to fully understand how they were integrated and formed a commercially successful locomotive. Like its companion volume, Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive (IUP, 2003), this book emphasizes the role of the leading engineers whose innovations paved the way for critical breakthroughs. Rail fans will appreciate this authoritative work.

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  • Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock (Voyageur Field Guides)

    Now you can be the human Wikipedia page of trains--from locomotives to rolling stock. No Great American road trip would be complete without seeing trains streaming across wild prairies and through thick forests. All kinds of diesel and even a few steam locomotives can be seen, with everything from boxy frontends to curving streamlined bodies. The containers, flat cars, and boxcars pulled by these locomotives carry diverse freight, and the variety of these cars is wide. Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock is the source for easy-to-digest information on locomotives and cars. Model railroaders will also find this book indispensible, as it offers myriad ideas for realistic train systems.The book is divided by diesel-electric locomotives, self-propelled passenger trains, passenger cars, freight cars, rail transit, and preserved equipment at museums and excursion steam locomotives. It also touches on historic diesels, vintage trams, maintenance trains, snowplow engines, and circus trains. Featuring North American and world examples of trains, Field Guide to Trains includes just about any type of locomotive and train car you are likely to see on the rails today, making this book the only available comprehensive guide to locomotives and rolling stock out there.Bring Fiel...

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  • North American Locomotives

    Profusely illustrated with rare historic and previously unpublished modern photography, North American Locomotives this is the perfect addition to the library of any rail fan. This invaluable volume spans more than 150 years of locomotive technology to examine the wide variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives that have powered ninety North American railroads, past and present, through the decades. Since locomotive-building has long been a made-to-order business, the book is arranged alphabetically by railroad to give you a better understanding of how specific technologies suited specific needs. The railroads featured range from the best-known historic lines, such as the Canadian Pacific, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and Baltimore & Ohio, to today's giant Class I roads, commuter lines, and selected short lines. The result is a beautifully presented reference guide that features more than 400 locomotive gems, including historic machines such as New York Central's J3a Hudsons, Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1 electrics, and EMD's classic E- and F-Units, to today's most powerful modern diesels. All the major builders - past and present - are represented, including such heavyweights as Baldwin, Alco, Lima, EMD, GE, and more.

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  • Vintage & Modern Diesel Locomotives: Prime Movers of America

    Learn all about the companies that built diesel locomotives and the American railway system through Stanley W. Trzoniec's breathtaking photography and thorough research. Over eight decades after their invention, diesel locomotives are still the backbone of the American railroad system. Five principal companies have built diesel locomotives--EMD, General Electric, Alco, Baldwin, and Fairbanks Morse--and the most popular vintage and modern types of all five are covered in painstaking detail in Vintage & Modern Diesel Locomotives. From General Electric 44-Tonners to Alco RS5s, all of the most important models are included. Stanley W. Trzoniec's stunning photography gives these behemoths of the modern age their due in beautiful full-color images. Enthusiasts of diesel locomotives will not want to be without Vintage & Modern Diesel Locomotives in their collection.

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  • The Story of American Railroads: From the Iron Horse to the Diesel Locomotive

    This richly comprehensive history by a self-proclaimed "low-brow" historian features more than 100 photographs and contemporary prints of America's railway system. Stewart H. Holbrook presents a dramatic, highly readable chronicle of the development of the backbone of the country's commerce and industry. Abounding in episodes of ingenuity and achievement, the growth of the railway system required constant improvements in techniques, devices, and machines, from the first wood burner that traveled on wooden rails to modern streamliners and diesel-powered giants.In addition to technological innovations, the colossal enterprise required courage and resolve to battle challenges posed by nature as well as by political maneuvering and corruption. This fascinating survey draws upon many hitherto unknown original sources and new data, in addition to firsthand accounts from hundreds of brakemen, conductors, engineers, and other railroad employees. Sound and authoritative, it constitutes a definitive history of America's railroads.

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  • Diesels to Park Avenue: The FL9 Story

    A fascinating look at the GM/EMD's FL-9 locomotives as they run on the New Haven, Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak, Metro North, Connecticut DOT and beyond. These "bulldog" units have been the subject of much controversy and this book explores the arguments on both sides of whether it was simply "FL 4.5" or capable of establishing a solid reputation on both diesel and third rail. The author details the original design and use of the "bulldogs" and then follows them through the years as they run throughout the Northeast. Illustrated with over 200 beautifully crisp full color photos on heavy, glossy paper showing FL-9s in all manner of paint schemes (which should be invaluable for the modeler of any of the above lines). With charts on engine specifications and status of fleet as of 1997 as well as a bibliography. 116 pages.

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