• All in My Head: An Epic Quest to Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache

    At the age of twenty-four, Paula Kamen's life changed in an instant. While she was putting in her contacts, the left lens disturbed a constellation of nerves behind her eye. The pain was more piercing than that of any other headache she had ever experienced. More than a decade later, she still has a headache-the exact same headache. From surgery to a battery of Botox injections to a dousing of Lithuanian holy water, from a mountain of pharmaceutical products to aromatherapy and even a vibrating hat, All in My Head chronicles the sometimes frightening, usually absurd, and always ineffective remedies Kamen-like so many others-tried in order to relieve the pain. Beleaguered and frustrated by doctors who, frustrated themselves, periodically declared her pain psychosomatic, she came to understand the plight of the millions who suffer chronic pain in its many forms. Full of self-deprecating humor and razorsharp reporting, All in My Head is the remarkable story of patience, acceptance, and perseverance in the face of terrifying pain.

    • Brand: Brand: Da Capo Press
    • ASIN: 0738210390
    • UPC: 884448185143

  • Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head

    Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Debbie Unterman presents an intriguing view into the intricacies of the psyche in a warm, relaxed writing style that draws the reader in. Offering extensive insight into the archetypal patterns that both hinder and guide us, she gives us permission to just be. The unveiling of our true authentic self, she suggests, occurs by unifying our many selves. In this time of upheaval and change here is a guidebook that teaches us how to love ourselves. Worn out belief systems crumble as we hear the stories of healing and transformation in the author and her clients, while the chapter on The Shadow warns that when we try to disown any parts of ourselves we can instigate self-sabotage. Unterman claims this explains the ubiquitous scandals which make headlines and plague so many religious, business, and political leaders today.Many books help readers recognize the burden of the pain they carry, but this one goes beyond traditional psychological analysis to outline the necessity of emotional expression and spiritual integration. The thoughtful self-help exercises at the end of each chapter offer the reader a clear path to cleanse old wounds and initiate change.Debbie Unterman is a Master Alchemist who, since 1983, has helped people navigate through the reso...

    • ASIN: B002LE8CYO

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed's Head PVC Key Chain

    Fullmetal Alchemist - Ed Key Chain

    • Color: Multi-Colored
    • Brand: GE Animation
    • ASIN: B000P8LTMK
    • UPC: 699858937073

  • Alchemist Skull & Rose Skeleton Head Alchemy Carta Woven Sew On Applique Patch [Audio CD]

    New Officially Licensed Woven Sew On patch. Size is approximately 4" wide and 4" tall.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Razmataz
    • ASIN: B00AERKIH4

  • Most lottery Alchemist 2nd A prize Alphonse head display bank

    It's shipped off from Japan.

    • Brand: Anime & Comics
    • ASIN: B01KBWAZI8

  • How to Draw Full Metal Alchemist: The Step-by-Step Full Metal Alchemist Drawing Book

    Drawing can be such a fun and healthy activity to do with your children. As a parent, have you ever looked into your 5 years old eyes and say: “I am sorry sweetheart, but I have no idea how to draw a dragon or a dinosaur?"This is the exact reason why our book exists. Don't ever feel again like you are failing your kids. Simply let them know although you are a super parent, you don't know everything. However, you know just the guide to pull out of your bookshelf to help them learn along with you.Make this drawing adventure a family affair. Come on kids and parents start this journey with us and let's draw some very special images and create one in a lifetime memories.

    • ASIN: B078J7W76C

  • Angelaicos Unisex Braids Costume Halloween Wig Long Yellow

    Angelaicos --- Make your life colorful Angelaicos Wigs --- New Choice, New You ! The theme of our products: Design: Our designer team search the fashion elements or the latest anime character in the month, the season, the year. They will combine the concept of fashion point, surface, triangle flexible use of sections to create a vividly wig with popular color and style Material: Our factory used heat resistant fiber, South Korea adjustable rose breathable mesh. There are 2 buckles at the inner side can be linked to a fixed position, adjust the size. Style: You can style the wig with hair spray or curling irons, hair straighteners to your prefer hairstyle. You can cut the fringe and length to your suitable length. Cleaning Instruction: 1. Comb the wig, please comb it from ponytail to top for the long wig 2. Put the wig in water for 5 to 10 minutes. Time can't be too long, otherwise hair is easy to fall off 3. Use clear water to clean, Hand wash, Please do not use the washing machine 4. Choose wig shampoo, avoid scrub, Gently grasp the wig with hands 5. Wipe the water with dry towel, Please DON'T screwed by hand or by a washing machine to dry 6. Put a airy place, avoid by drying in sunshine How to collection: 1.If you don't wear the wig temporarily, please spray some nursing liq...

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Angelaicos
    • UPC: 702380601753