• Abra Cellular Detox Bath Grapefruit And Juniper 17 oz.

    Abra Therapeutic Baths - Eliminate ToxinsOrganic Herbal Formula - Grapefruit, Dandelion & Burdock with Vitamins A, C & EContains 8 to 16 BathsEliminate Cellular Toxins Purify Your Body From Chemicals & Pollutants Organic Herbal Extracts & Pure Essential Oils No Artificial Colors or Fragrances AddedEcological Position:  We use only organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs and pure essential oils.  We avoid using the essential oils of Sandalwood, Rosewood and other "tropical heartwood" ingredients because of their deforestation impact on rainforest ecology.  We support non-profit organizations dedicated to preserving endangered medicinal plants.No Animal Testing.Made in USA.

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  • Cellular Detox Body Scrub Abra Therapeutics 10 oz Cream

    Organic Herbal FormulaDetoxify Skin Cells Eliminate Cellular Debris Stimulate Capillary Circulation Certified Organic Herbals 100% Pure Essential Oils No Artificial FragranceNo Animal Ingredients

    • Brand: Abra
    • ASIN: B0009ET3JG
    • UPC: 021204751017

  • Abra Therapeutics - Therapeutic Lotion Cellular Detox Grapefruit & Juniper - 16 fl. oz.

    Abra Therapeutics - Therapeutic Lotion Cellular Detox - 16 fl. oz. (475 ml) Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox Therapeutic Lotion is an organic herbal formula with twelve nourishing herbs, including aloe vera and jojoba. Cellular Detox Lotion is made with medicinal grade certified organic whole herbs, with no PEG or alcoholic extracts, no parabens, and no synthetic fragrances. Cellula

    • Brand: Abra
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    • UPC: 021204161014

  • Detox Complexion Wash Abra Therapeutics 4 oz Liquid

    A beautiful complexion begins with a healthy skin environment free of atmospheric pollutants, make up and harmful bacteria.  Cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate and balance your skin with our Alpha Hydroxy Cider Wash of Apples, Grapefruit and Sugarcane with Extracts of Soapwort and Yucca and Essential Oils of Mandarin and Lavender.  Your skin will feel pure, refreshed and radiant.Organic and Wildcrafted Herbal Extracts 100% Pure Essential Oils No Artificial Fragrance No Animal Ingredients No Animal TestingFor questions call 1-800-745-0761  ext 3003  or visit  abratherapeutics.com

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  • Cellular Detox Bath Counter Display 3 oz pkt - Abra Therapeutics

    At Abra therapeutic, our mission is to speak the truth. Anyone can say they're natural. But great skin care requires more than a drop of herbs in the formula just to make a claim on the label. Fooling the customer is not our way. Abra skincare contains therapeutic levels of certified organic herbals and pure unadulterated essential oils that are in the products for a therapeutic reason, not just for show.

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  • Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox Body Scrub and Cellular Detox Bath With Grapefruit and Juniper, 18 oz. and 17 oz.

    This bundle includes one unit of 18 oz. Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox Scrub and one unit of 17 oz. Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox Bath. About the Product 18 oz. Cellular Detox Body Scrub Our lives are full of exposure to daily pollutants that cling to the surface of our skin. Cellular Detox Body Scrub is made to neutralize these free radical pollutants and shed them from your body. Organic Dandelion and burdock combine with essences of Grapefruit and Juniper for an uplifting aromatic pleasure. About the Mineral Bath The Cellular Detox formula is made to help detoxify the body by stimulating the natural elimination processes of the cells with a blend of natural minerals and organic herbs of burdock (Arctium Lappa) and dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).

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  • ABRA THERAPEUTICS - Cellular Detox Bath 17 OZ


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  • Abra Therapeutics, Cellular Detox Bath, Grapefruit & Juniper, 17 oz (482 g) - 3PC

    A Natural Mineral Bath Pure Essential Oils Pure Desert Minerals Pure Organic Herbal Extracts Organic for Over 30 Years Formulated for Powerful Relief Dissolves Easily No Uncomfortable Rock Salt No Preservatives No Artificial Fragrances or Colors No Animal Testing No Animal Ingredients Eliminates Harmful Toxins, Chemicals & Pollution ABRA Therapeutic Baths start with highly concentrated botanical infusions of organically grown roots, leaves, barks, flowers and therapeutic essential oils to provide the entire spectrum of plant nutrients to your body. ABRA Baths contain only natural, nutrient-rich minerals that soften skin and create an ideal delivery system for dispersing our proprietary botanical infusions. ABRA botanicals do not float to the surface and away from your skin. Instead, bio-available herbal nutrients stay suspended in water to nourish your cells.

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  • Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox 16 oz by Abra

    Abra Therapeutics

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