• CCEA Exam Cram (Exam: 910, 920, 930, 940, 950)

    The Citrix CCEA MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows Exam Cram study guide will give readers the knowledge necessary to both understand the underlying technologies and pass the CCEA exams. Candidates must pass four of the following exams covered in this study guide-Citrix Resource Management Services Exam (910), Citrix Installation Management Services Exam (920), SecureICA and Security exam (930), Load Balancing Services/Citrix Program Neighborhood exam (940), and the Citrix Nfuse Administration Exam (950). The book employs the proven Exam Cram method to efficiently coach the reader on key exam subjects like Load Balancing and Program Neighborhood, Citrix Installation Management Services, Resource Management Services, and Secure ICA. CCEA Candidates also benefit from well-liked Exam Cram features like tear-out cram sheets and memory-joggers, sections on proven test-taking strategies, warnings on trick questions, and time-saving study tips.

    • Brand: Brand: Coriolis Group Books
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    • UPC: 788581004159

  • Linortek KODA 200 TCP/IP Web Relay Ethernet I/O Remote Controller with Built In Web Server 4 Relay Outputs 2 Digital Inputs, POE, Real Time Clock Email Alerts

    KODA 200 is a web-based Ethernet I/O Controller with real time remote control capability, email alerts of various user selectable events. It is built on TCP/IP platform with a built in web server which allows you to access, control and monitor your equipment over the Internet accurately and easily from anywhere. Supplied with up to 16 schedules which are constructed as IF ... THEN statements. IF this THEN do that. In addition the IF term can have 2 elements; IF this LOGIC this ... THEN that. This provides a simple to program and powerful way to take advantage of the data acquired by the KODA SERVER, gives you the ability to have one KODA control another. This capability built into all units allows you to use the input or relay on one device to control a relay on another device over a network, or to take a signal from your main location system, and trigger remote equipment in different locations. KODA 200 is a housed unit with a DIN rail mountable enclosure that can be snapped onto DIN rail or attached to any flat surface such as a wall or under a counter. It has 4 relay outputs which can drive 10V 50mA to external devices, 2 optically isolated digital inputs that can display state, frequency, period or as a counter. KODA 200 is ideal for applications that require web remote contr...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Linortek
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  • Mariposa Bamboo 2Pc Salad Server Set

    Two recycled aluminum salad servers with bamboo-style handles. . Part of the Bamboo Collection. . Designed by Michael Updike. . Handcrafted. . Made of recycled aluminum. . Each measures 11.75in long. . Care instructions:. Dishwasher safe. . Imported

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  • Dell Inspiron mini 9 (910) Fix Slow or Boost PC, Speed Up or Tune Up, Files & Registry Cleaner / Optimizer Solution Disc / Disk For Windows XP VISTA 7 & 8

    Speed up your PC / Laptop PC Magic Auto play CD Registry and Memory reset CD ~ With 'How to do it guides' Many common faults are easily repaired by resetting your registry & removing unwanted old archived and hidden deleted files to clear the memory When you delete anything it remains on your hard drive This will clear out the clutter that will be slowing you down Use our own web site Step by Step picture guides to help you Tune Up Your PC / Laptop in 5 minutes. We have fully tested all the products on the disc. It is all fully legal and virus free. Items contained on this CD are within the terms of the GNU License The GNU Lesser General Public Licences (LPGL) or the Mozilla Public Licence. We support open source. No licences are needed for this program. No restrictions None Technical & Easy to do You simply pop our auto disc in your PC or Laptop. It only takes a few mouse clicks ~ following easy instructions. You click 'Clean' ~ Job done ~ Faster PC / Laptop Not a demo - This is a fully functional stand alone program cd Please note that this is Open Source licence free and not a Microsoft Product Buying from us you are assured of a good safe program Built with our own auto interface as shown above Some anti virus programs see repair discs as a threat as you are entering the reg...

    • Brand: The Spare People
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  • Linortek Fargo R4ADI TCP/IP Web Realy Ethernet I/O Relay Remote Control Monitoring Board with Build In Web Server 4 Relay Outputs 4 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs 4 Analog Inputs POE Enabled Free Smartphone Apps

    Fargo R4ADI is a TCP/IP web based Ethernet I/O relay control & monitoring board with a built in web server. It has 4 relay outputs, 4 optically isolated digital, additional Fargo R4ADI has 4 analog inputs. With POE (Power over Ethernet) enabled, Fargo R4ADI is easy to install and connects through your Ethernet connection without the need for additional power, providing you tremendous cost-savings and flexibility when installing Fargo R4ADI in your control system. Fargo R4ADI digital input data can be used to calculate a range of results such as: State: This is useful for knowing if an input is on or off, like a door switch being on or off. Counter: Non-resettable/resettable counter. Frequency: Counts the frequency of an input in KHz (kilo hertz or1/1000 seconds). This could be useful in displaying a tachometer where 60Hz = 1 R.P.M. Period: In 1/1000 seconds an input in kHz (milli-seconds or 1/1000 seconds). This would be useful for measuring timed events. The analog inputs allows Fargo to read the value of external equipment. Two of the analog inputs are non-isolated, use provided power for eliminating ground loops, provides [email protected] 3.3VDC power source, PTC protected, 3 conductor screw terminal connector for each (3.3VDC, input, ground). The other two of the analog inputs are s...

    • Brand: Linortek
    • ASIN: B00J8ZONL0
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  • ClearOne 910-156-250-00 CHATAttach 170 Personal/Group Speakerphone

    Speakerphones for individual, small, medium or large group use, the CHAT 170 and CHAT Attach 170 connect to PCs and laptops for rich, full-duplex audio communication with Lync Server 2010. The CHAT 170 and CHAT Attach 170 are the perfect addition to the office or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration.

    • Brand: ClearOne
    • ASIN: B004OE1UD4
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  • PICNIC TIME NBA New Orleans Pelicans Icon Glass Top Serving Tray & Knife Set, One Size, Basketball Design

    Sleek and unpretentious in its design, the icon is perfect for small get-togethers. Natural wood, glass, and stainless steel are merged into a simplistic piece for your entertaining needs. The icon is a three-piece set that has a solid rubber wood base with a bamboo rim accent, a Tempered glass lid, and a cheese knife with its own carved out area in the wood base. So simple and elegant, the icon adds just the right amount of pizzazz when you're entertaining.

    • Color: Basketball Design
    • Brand: PICNIC TIME
    • ASIN: B00NQ9315S
    • UPC: 099967357043