• Nature's Plus - Chewable Iron w/ Vit C, 90 Chewable Tablets 2 Bottles

    Nature's Plus - Chewable Iron w/ Vit C

    • Brand: Nature's Plus
    • ASIN: B078MMDCN1

  • Nature's Plus Animal Parade Acidophikidz Berry Flavor, 90 chewable tablets [2 Bottle Pack]

    Nature's Plus - Animal Parade Acidophikidz, 90 chewable tablets Berry Flavor, Gluten Free (2 Bottles)

    • Brand: Nature's Plus
    • ASIN: B079YXL4NQ
    • UPC: 632687740780

  • Nature's Bounty Vitamin C with Rose Hips 500mg, 270 Chewable Tablets (3 X 90 Count Bottles)

    Nature's Bounty Vitamin C with Rose Hips 500mg, 270 Chewable Tablets (3 X 90 Count Bottles)

    • Brand: Nature's Bounty
    • UPC: 714270017575

  • Chewable Iron Supplement (Carbonyl Iron 18 mg with Vitamin C 30 mg) Tablet in Orange Flavor 90 Count x 2 Bottles (Twin Pack)

    NutritiPure's Iron plus vitamin C is pleasant tasting Orange flavor tablet that melts in mouth. Each bottle contains 90 tablets. Twin Pack brings great savings.

    • Brand: NutritiPure
    • ASIN: B074J3S394
    • UPC: 671635615756

  • Sugar Free Antacid Orange Cream Flavor 270 Chewable Tablets Equate - Compare to Tums (3 Bottles of 90 Each)

    3 Bottles of 90 Chewable Tablets Each. (180 Tablets) For Fast Relief of: Heartburn, Acid Indigestion, Sour Stomach. Sugar Free. Orange Cream Flavored Compare to Tums Active Ingredient. Calcium Carbonate USP 750 mg, Flavor:Orange Cream Sugar free, extra strength orange cream antacid starts working in seconds to relieve heartburn, acid indigestion and sour stomach.

    • ASIN: B079CT67C6

  • PET SUPPLEMENTS dog calming aid - PET RELAXANT - ADVANCED FORMULA - FOR DOGS - CHEWABLE TABLETS - valerian for pets - 1 Bottle (90 Chews)

    dog calming aid - PET RELAXANT - ADVANCED FORMULA - FOR DOGS - CHEWABLE TABLETS - valerian for pets - 1 Bottle (90 Chews) VALERIAN BENEFITS: Valerian herb has a part of it that is a fall root and it's used in forming supportive options for you. Sometimes the upper parts of the plant are used, but they provide a weaker form of support and do not have the more potent effects of the fall root. Valerian in cases where dogs have fears of thunderstorms, for instance, because its calming effects help mitigate the anxiety. Valerian root really has benefits that can support your dogs health in different ways. CHAMOMILE BENEFITS: One of the most useful purposes of chamomile is to calm the digestive system. In cases of indigestion, vomiting and gas, chamomile's carminative properties can help soothe a nervous stomach. Also chamomile can help fight against different inflammatory problems with your dog from skin to gums. With all these benefits it also provides anti anxiety support so that your dog can stay calm PASSIONFLOWER BENEFITS: Passion flower is a perennial climbing vine with herbaceous shoots and a strong wood stem that can grow up to 30 feet, and is known for its fragrance and vibrant flowers. The passionflowers quality's can help your dog with tummy issues, relax the body, mi...

    • ASIN: B07BN2X951
    • UPC: 600186247765

  • Methylfolate 15 by Methyl-Life|L-5-MTHF, (or (6S)-5-Methylfolate) calcium salt (15 mg per tablet) - 90 Chewable Tablets

    Methyl-Life products contain the most bioactive nutrient form of folate available today, Methylfolate (often denoted as L-MTHF, L-Methylfolate, L-5-MTHF, (6S)-5-Methylfolate). This is the ‘already converted’ form of the vitamin that is immediately ready for the body’s cells to use directly. Every bottle contains 90 chewable tablets. Each tablet contains a high dose (15 mg) of internationally patented L-Methylfolate as “(6S)-5-MTHF, calcium salt” (or Magnafolate-C® which is its patent name). Methyl Folate Supplement was formulated, especially for the people with genetic (MTHFR) defects, dietary or drug-induced need. It was designed to bypass the MTHFR gene defects and optimize the body’s methylation process. This means you have more energy and motivation, get improved protection against toxins and disease, and just plain feel better. Methyl-Life gives back you a quality life. High doses of L-Methylfolate may reduce depression, homocysteine levels, and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It may also increase energy, serotonin and glutathione levels. Talk to your doctor to determine, if taking high doses of Methylfolate is right for you. Methyl-Life’s Methylfolate 15 product with (6S)-5-MTHF, calcium salt contains an internationally patented, unique calcium-salt based...

    • ASIN: B00M6I6VSE
    • UPC: 798304310276

  • D-3+K-2 (D3 2000 iu & K2 75mcg (MK7) 90 Chewable Tablets (Cherry) Ultimate Bioavailability And Absorption. Non GMO (Organic) Balanced Blend Perfect for Kids and Adults. Made in USA

    Everyone Knows The Extreme Blessings And Benefits Of Vitamin D-3. Few people know, it's the K-2 (MK-7) that makes D-3 'A True Work Horse'!!! Major studies are concluding D-3 should be taken with K-2 -MK-7 as the perfect winning combination and should be in everyones arsenal of supplements! THE HIGH ENERGY DIFFERENCE - MK-7 is far more bio-available than K-1 MK-4, as it stays in the blood longer and is more evenly distributed throughout your body. Right now, bits of calcium are floating through your blood vessels and heart. Overtime this calcium collects on the walls of your blood vessels and is known to have a negative impact on both circulation and blood pressure contributing to blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. This is where vitamin K-2 shines as K-2 (MK-7) supports the removal of calcium from your bloodstream, heart, arteries or anywhere else it shouldn't be, then directs this free floating calcium into your bones where calcium is needed. Talk to your doctor as to the level of Vitamin D you should strive for and let our product get you there. When it comes to Vitamin D and K-2 levels you want to be in the 'optimal' range. Our unique formulation and ratio of D-3 2,000 IU + K-2 (Mk7) 75 mcg is the perfect balanced blend. Perfect for kids and adults. WE PROVIDE: EASY CHEW-...

    • ASIN: B011VITWMG
    • UPC: 619512680404