• Laney Amps LA Range LA65D 70-Watt 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

    The LA65D is the flagship model of the new dedicated acoustic combo's. Designed to give the acoustic guitar player a pure acoustic guitar tone, studio quality reverb and the flexibility to deal with any number of different applications. The LA65D handles anything plugged into it with ease, be it a regular 6 string dreadnought or parlour, nylon or 12 string. Nothing is lost from the natural guitars tone - everything is there present and correct.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Laney Amps
    • ASIN: B001TX8X4W

  • Kustom Sienna Series 65-watt Acoustic Amplifier

    The Sienna 65 is a 65-watt combo amplifier with a 12-inch speaker that is specifically designed to reproduce and enhance the natural sound of your guitar or other acoustic instrument. The approach is more "hi-fi" in nature.

    • Brand: Kustom
    • ASIN: B000MS23A0
    • UPC: 701963006565

  • Kustom SIENNA65PRO 65W Acoustic Amplifier with Digital Effects

    The Sienna 65 Pro is a 65-watt combo amplifier with a 12-inch speaker that is specifically designed to reproduce the natural sound of any guitar or other acoustic instrument in high fidelity. Use one of the 1/4" jacks for your instrument plus an XLR input for a microphone. You'll find eight 24-bit digital effects, like Reverbs and Echo, to enhance your sound. EQ controls include a Feedback filter which is very handy for live gigs. Back panel connections are (1) Speaker Out, which disconnects the internal speaker to allow use of an external speaker; (2) 1/4-inch Line Out; (3) Effects Loop Send and Return jacks; (4) a Footswitch jack to turn the Digital Effects on or off. The Sienna 65 Pro lets you fine-tune your sound, and then amplify it in a way that brings out its best qualities.

    • Brand: Kustom
    • ASIN: B00PVNJWH8
    • UPC: 701963028437

  • Ashdown WOODSMANJ Guitar Combo Amplifier

    65W 2 Channel Acoustic Pre Amp, 2 x 8" Celestin Speakers with Custom HF Tweeter, XLR In, Digital Reverb

    • Brand: Ashdown
    • ASIN: B00WHP14OM
    • UPC: 707918814476

  • Laney LV100 65 Watt 1X12 Guitar Combo

    The twin channel LV100 is Laney's entry level LV amplifier. It has a 65 watt output section, independent EQ for each channel, footswitchable reverb, speaker out socket, "V" scoop, and VTS tone shaping. It also features the Laney Tube Emulation Circuitry. Laney - Power To The Music

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Laney
    • ASIN: B000S6JS2W