• Lancer Tactical LT-20B M82 Polymer Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Black

    The Lancer Tactical M24 Airsoft Gun is a very impressive piece of craftsmanship. Not only does it come with a very modest price tag, but it provides incredible value for each dollar spent on it. The body of the M24 is constructed out of polymer, which makes it lightweight enough that you can carry it around the field for hours without becoming fatigued. The top of the airsoft gun features a 20mm rail for mounting your preferred optics. The adjustable stock allows the user to adjust the position of the rifle they find comfortable when shooting. The fluted outer barrel gives the gun a unique appearance over other M24 variant airsoft guns. Clocking in near 500fps makes this ideal for outdoor gameplay and long range engagements. It is recommended to use at least .28g precision bbs for the utmost performance. Features:High strength injection molded polymer constructionBarrel separates from receiver for easy storage and transportationRemovable 25 round magazineFull length 20mmAggressive 50 cal stylingSingle shot, bolt must be pulled back for every shotAdjustable hop-upSpecifications:Material: Polymer with Full Metal Outer BarrelOverall Length: 55.1 inchesWeight: 6.75 lbsMuzzle Velocity: 425-435 FPS (w/ 0.20g BB)Magazine Capacity: 25 RD Mid-CapModes: Safety and FirePackage Includes:LT-2...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Lancer Tactical
    • ASIN: B01KYA3QS8
    • UPC: 799632806745


    X9 SNIPER RIFLE SET, the Super X9 features both gas and spring bolts, this means you can choose if you want to use either gas or spring shooting systems. This rifle shoots best with 0.2g BBs being very consistent in it's shot placement although it will handle up to 0.36g BBs. The Super X9 rifle features a rotating magazine which ejects shells for a truly authentic shooting experience. The rifle also includes a standard airsoft side mag, a more traditional airsoft magazine system. This set includes a high-quality airsoft scope with appropriate mounts. Everything you need for an amazing long range shooting experience is included in the box.

    • Brand: A&N
    • ASIN: B078TJN3HW
    • UPC: 816008027181

  • OSdream CS Protection Mask Halloween Mask Full Face Mask for Airsoft , BB Gun and Paint Ball Red

    Our product uses ergonomic design and makes you feel comfortable and breathable when you wear it . The mask provides effective and full protection for your face and teeth. It also has adjustable and elastic strap belts. Our mask is really great for Halloween celebrations, outdoor games , riding , hunting or making a film. Absolutely a good choice for outdoor activities fans!

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: OSdream
    • ASIN: B00VKGFX96
    • UPC: 711099530520

  • Skull 40d Mask Full Face Wire Mesh Mask for Airsoft , BB Gun and Paint Ball

    Adjustable & Elastic Belt Strap ///// Perfect for Shooting Skirmash, Skiing, Riding, Outdoor Activity, Hunting & Military Purpose Use

    • Brand: Lemongreen airsoft mask
    • ASIN: B00AXJ88PC

  • PolarStar JACK HPA Conversion Kit for M4/M16 Airsoft Guns

    Polarstar JACK V2 - M4/M16 Conversion KitThe JACK� system was designed to answer the demand for an affordable, high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEG's. The system is a drop-in cylinder replacement that is universally compatible with a wide range of gearbox versions that have center-line nozzles.Similar to its sister product, the F1, it replaces the original gearbox components with a programmable pneumatic system allowing for higher performance and greater reliability over a gear driven system. Although economically priced, JACK� still retains the same performance and quality you have come to expect from PolarStar products.JACK� has only 1 moving part, the nozzle, which acts as its own poppet valve which is piloted by the solenoid. With the exception of the poppet being integral to the nozzle, the valve is similar to the poppet valve used in the previously released Fusion Engine� and is what gives JACK� its signature muzzle report. The system itself only has 6 parts and can be completely disassembled by hand in a matter of seconds so the system is very reliable and easy to maintain.Just like all other PolarStar HPA conversions, JACK� also allows for easy velocity adjustment. Using a standard M4 as an example, velocity can be adjusted from below 28...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Polar Star
    • ASIN: 9695982158

  • Wolf 5 Predator Mask Full Face Wire Mesh Mask for Airsoft , Bb Gun and Paint Ball

    Adjustable & Elastic Belt Strap ///// Perfect for Shooting Skirmash, Skiing, Riding, Outdoor Activity, Hunting & Military Purpose Use

    • Brand: Lemongreen airsoft mask

  • Cool BB Gun Steel Mesh Safety Airsoft Goggles - No Fog Protection Airsoft Glasses (Black Tan Green)

    Shipping Days:7-15(maybe loger in peak season) Net Weight:about 0.05kg Shipping Weight: 0.29kg Material: TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) framework low-carbon steel mesh:Drawing Steel Wire Annealing Process EVA cushion The round hole diameter is 1.4mm The stencil side length is 3mm The visual range of the Round Hole Model is relatively limited,but it can be very effective in preventing the invasion of attacking objects(Of course,any cross-sectional area of the attacking objects must be larger than the holes area) The visual range of the Stencil Mesh Model is good,but it is not very prominent for protecting effect of the eye. For this reason,we recommend customers to buy the round hole model in consideration of safety,because this model can be very effective in blocking the attack of BB Stencil surface coating of this product has excellent impact resistance which is able to withstand 500FPS(Seven meters effective distance) Comfortable:This product can be adjusted according to the wisth of the head.As shown in figure,the head regulating vane can automatically adjust the angle according to different head shapes to maximize the degree of adaptation of goggle. Stable:Because of the adjustable elastic headband,it is very comfortable to wear on the head.No matter how intense the exercis...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tactical Area
    • ASIN: B079DNM9MQ
    • UPC: 719191313218

  • Skull Punisner Mask Full Face Wire Mesh Mask for Airsoft , Bb Gun and Paint Ball

    Adjustable & Elastic Belt Strap ///// Perfect for Shooting Skirmash, Skiing, Riding, Outdoor Activity, Hunting & Military Purpose Use

    • Brand: Lemongreen airsoft mask

  • Evike Polarstar F2 HPA Engine for Airsoft Rifles (Model: V2/M4 M16 EMG Edition)

    F2 is essentially a Mini Fusion Engine. It offers the same adjustability and performance as the Fusion Engine in a cylinder sized package. Patented Dual Solenoid Design:The dual solenoid design of the F2(TM) provides the same functionality as the legendary Fusion Engine(TM) but in a more compact, efficient and flexible design. Dual solenoids allow for the nozzle and the poppet valve to be adjusted independently of each other for unparalleled control over both the loading time and air volume used. Additionally, this makes it possible to change the firing sequence giving it the ability to operate in both true closed bolt as well as "AEG" mode. Increased Efficiency: The F2(TM) incorporates a new one-piece, lightweight poppet valve design yet still operates on the same principle as the Fusion Engine(TM) poppet. This valve is able to operate at lower pressures and uses less air volume to function which optimizes air efficiency. Spring Loaded Nozzle:The F2(TM) nozzle is spring biased forward which provides a consistent loading force regardless of operating pressure. It shares the same spring as the Fusion Engine(TM) with both light and heavy spring options available to adjust the loading force. The robust design of the F2(TM) allows for an operating pressure range of 45psi to 145ps...

    • Color: Blue/Silver
    • Brand: Evike
    • ASIN: B07F2SCMY4