• FPV 5.8GHz 150CH FUAV Capture Card OTG Receiver with Auto-scan Snowflake function For Android Mobile Phone Tablet Smartphone (OTG feature required)

    Features: PC usage:  1.Support Mirco USB connector. 2.Support Type-C connector. 3. (XP) open the camera (WIN7), install AMCP camera software, (WIN10) open the camera. Or MP ground station.  4.After the airborne map transmission device power, in the picture transmission, long press 3 seconds function keys, automatically search frequency points, and automatically lock the signal Zui strong frequency point.  Method for using AV display screen:  1.the use of data lines to connect, define the corresponding display AV interface, the receiver 5V power supply.after the airborne map transmission device power, in the picture transmission,long press 3 seconds function keys,automatically search frequency points,and automatically lock the signal Zui strong frequency point.  "Here's the phone list support this receiver that we have test: " Sumsung: S3(I9300,I9308) S4(I9500,I9507V,I9508,S5,S6,S6 edge+,S7edge, "NOTE3,NOTE4,NOTE5,A5100,A8000,ON7,P600,N7100,N5100,Tab S2..) " OPPO:A31,A31C,A33,A51,A53,A33M,A51,A53,A5M,N3,FIND7,R7005, "R7007,3007,R2017,R8000,R8205,R8207,R7SM,R7 PLUS,R9 PLUS, ect.. " XIAOMI: XIAOMI 3,XIAOMI 4,XIAOMI 4C,XIAOMI5,XIAOMI pad, XIAOMI Red "Note,XIAOMI Red Note3,ect... " "HUAWEI:MATE8, C199,Honor8 " "LG:GPRO2,G3,NEXUS5,L24,GPAD8.3, ect.. " "MOTOROLA:XPRO,NEXUS6,...

    • Brand: Soulload
    • ASIN: B07C15JC6Z
    • UPC: 662565861634

  • EDUP Wifi Adapter ac600Mbps Wireless Usb Adapter 5.8GHz/2.4GHz Dual Band 600Mbps Usb Adapter 2dBi External Antennas Supports Windows XP,Win Vista,Win 7,Win 8, Win 10,Mac OS X 10.6-10.13

    Suggestion 1.Please download the driver from CD or EDUP officail website first, and then insert the adapter(don't plug the WiFi Adapter first) 2. We suggest you to insert wireless dongle on back USB port of your desktop, because usb port in the back can provide more power. If can not download driver from the CD, please download the UPDATED driver from EDUP official website:http://www.szedup.com/support/driver-download/ep-db1607-driver/ Specification: Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11n IEEE 802.11g IEEE 802.11b IEEE 802.11ac IEEE 802.11a Work Channel 13 at 2.4GHz/ 4 at 5.8GHz (3C) 11 at 2.4GHz/ 12at 5.8GHz (FFC) Modulation Model CCK/OFDM/DBPSK/DQPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM Work Power:17dBm (Typical) Sensitivity 11n: [email protected]; [email protected] 11g: [email protected] 11b: [email protected] 11ac: [email protected] Wireless Security WPA/WPA2,64/128 bit WEP Support Operation System:Window 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac OS 10.6-10.12 Function:WPS, Soft AP Antenna Type:2dBi Omni-directional Antennas Environment Operating Temperature(degree Celsius): 0~40 Storage Temperature(degree Celsius): -40~70 Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH (Non Condensing) Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 90% RH (Non Condensing) Packing list: 1 * usb wifi adapter 1 * CD driver 1 *Antenna

    • Color: 600Mbps Antenna
    • Brand: EDUP
    • ASIN: B01CCMUN8C
    • UPC: 603338322839

  • 5.8GHz FPV Receiver for Android Phone 150CH Micro Support Any Power Transmitter and Goggles Screen Antenna and 3D Camera/VR/AR HOT-Fire Brand Better than Dji and Hubsan.

    ★Question : How far can you receive this receiver? It's just a FPV receiver. It's about a lot of factors. This is just a receiver just use the phone to see it. We increase the channel to 150CH, so that can be equipped with any one of the all 5.8G image video transmission on the market. ★Because this FPV transmission receiver is 5.8GHz, 150CH, so it is preciser than other ordinary FPV, better sensitivity, more resistant to violence, and the picture quality, stability, strong, long battery life. ★Package Included: ①5.8G Receiver ②OTG Cable ③FPV Camera Mount Support Windows pc system Support Windows pc system and Phone model listing: ⑴Samsung: S3 ( i9300, i9308) , S4 (I9500, I9507V, I9508, S5, S6, S6edge+,S7edge, Note3, Note4, Note5, A5100, A8000, on7, P600, N7100, N5100, Tab s2 ⑵OPPO: A31, A31C, A33, A51, A53, A5M, N3, Find7, R7005,R7007, 3007, R2017, R8000, R8205, R8207, R7SM, R7 Plus, R9 PL1us, R9 PL1ustm A ⑶VIVO: X3S, X3V, X31, X5V, X5MAX, X5S1, X510T, X6 X6A, X710 XSHOT, xPLAyer5 ⑷XIAOMI: MI3, MI4, MI 4C, MI 5, MI, Red MI3, Red MI note 3, MI4C ⑸HTC: E8, M7, M8, M9 ⑹HUAWEI: Mate 8, C199, RIO-AL00 ⑺LG: Gpro2, G3, Nexus5, L24, GPad8.3 ⑻ZTE: ZTE U9180, ZTE N9180, V5Max ⑼MOTO: Xpro, nexus6, MOTO E, MOTO X, MZ617 ⑽SONY: Z1, Z2, Z3, C3, SGP3...

    • Brand: HOT Fire
    • ASIN: B06XXZT5H1

  • FPV 5.8GHz Receiver, 150CH UVC Video Downlink OTG Receiver ONLY for OTG and UVC Android Mobile

    Operation Instructions: 1. For Android phone: Install suitable App (Go-FPV, Easycap & UVC Player(FPViewer), PocketFPV or FPVDroid) For windows XP or win7/8, download "AMCap" For windows 10, simply open it from "Camera" 2. Calibrate the max and min FPV signal value range by pressing and holding the function button whilst powering the receiver (i.e. plugging it in). 3. With the transmitter powered, press and hold the function button for 3s and this searches the frequency automatically. 4. Press the function button for 1s to enable OSD. Supporting Phone List: Here's the phone list support this receiver that we have tested. Please read it carefully before order. For Samsung: S3(I9300, I9308) S4(I9500, I9507V, I9508, S5, S6, S6 for edge+, forS7edge, NOTE3, NOTE4, NOTE5, A5100, A8000, ON7, P600, N7100, N5100, Tab S2 etc.) For OPPO: A31, A31C, A33, A51, A53, A33M, A51, A53, A5M, N3, FIND7, R7005, R7007, 3007, R2017, R8000, R8205, R8207, R7SM, R7 PLUS, R9 PLUS, etc. For XIAOMI: For XIAOMI 3, For XIAOMI 4, For XIAOMI 4C, For XIAOMI5, For XIAOMI pad, For XIAOMI Red Note, For XIAOMI Red Note3, etc. For HUAWEI: MATE8, C199, Honor8 For LG: GPRO2, G3, NEXUS5, L24, GPAD8.3, etc. For Motorola: XPRO, NEXUS6, MOTO E, MZ617, etc. For Sony: Z1, Z2, Z3, C3, SGP321, etc. Specifications: Color: Black S...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Otryad
    • ASIN: B07DC5MNTF
    • UPC: 798863939598

  • ANEWKODI USB Wifi Adapter USB 3.0 AC1200Mbps USB Wireless Adapter Dual Band 2.4GHz/5.8GHz 867Mbps 802.11ac/b/g/n Wireless Adapter for Desktop/Laptop/PC, Support Soft AP Windows 10/8/8.1/7, Mac OS

    ANEWKODI USB 3.0 AC1200 dual band USB wireless adapter is the latest product developed by our company. This product has been greatly improved in function and quality. Compared to the 600M adapter that is common see on amazon. First, we changed the USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. This design allows more customers enjoy this latest product. Second, AC1200 has a 5dBi antenna. This design will enable the product to better receive signals from the router even if there is a wall in the room. AC1200 support dual band, the maximum speed can be up to 867Mbps when you connect to 5G. This product is the best choice for web surfing, online chatting, on-line streaming of HD video, gaming, music, photo.This product is made from stronger materials, say goodbye to fragile products.ANEWKODI has several years of sales experience at amazon. Thousands of customers have chosen to trust us. Choose ANEWKODI AC1200, it will definitely bring you a different experience.INSTALLATION AND HOW TO USE:1. Insert mini CD or download driver from online driver link to install the program.2. Insert the Wi-Fi dongle to connect any USB port.3. Open the "REALTEK USB Wireless LAN Utility", click "available networks", select the network signal and connect.FRIENDLY REMINDERS:1. Online driver link: https://goo.gl/goSksf2. Our company...

    • Color: AC1200
    • Brand: ANEWKODI
    • ASIN: B07BKVB4KK
    • UPC: 670046171066

  • Hubsan X4 H107D Batteries & USB Charger 3.7v 380mAh 25c LiPo QuadCopter Upgrade - FAST FREE SHIPPING FROM Orlando, Florida USA!

    Includes The Following Items:[Qty: 1] - Dual Lipo 3.7v USB Battery Charger any mAh Auto Shut Off[Qty: 2] - Battery 3.7v 380mAh 25c Li-Po RC PartCompatible With:3D Flying FY8012Ares Ethos QX 75Ares Spectre XAttop YD-716Attop YD-928Blue Mini DroneCarson X4 Cam QuadcopterCarson X4 Quadcopter Version 2 IIDBPower RC Quadcopter DroneDouble Horse 9128Dromida KodoDromida Verso Eachine CG022Eachine HX8963Estes DartExtreme Fliers Micro Drone 2.0Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0FuQi FQ777 124 Pocket Drone Quadcopter 4ch 6-Axis Gyro Holy Stone HS170 PredatorHoly Stone M62Hubsan X4 H107Hubsan X4 H107CHubsan X4 H107DHubsan X4 H107D 5.8GhzHubsan X4 H107LHummingbird Micro QuadcopteriDrone YiZhan i4WJJRC 1000 2.4GHzJJRC 1000AJJRC F180JXD 392JXD JD-385Many Helicopter Quadcopter Airplane Boat Car ControllerMicro Drone Quad RotorModelart 4 Channel Mini QuadcopterProtocol SlipStreamQuadcopter Drone 3Radio Shack Surveyor DroneSyma X2 6-Axis QuadcopterThe Flyer's Bay Beetle Quad-CopterTop Selling X6Traxxas QR-1UDI RC U816UDI RC U816AUDI RC U830Walkera Genius CpWalkera Genius CP V2Walkera Mini CPWalkera QR LadybirdWalkera QR Ladybird 5.8Ghz FPVWalkera QR Ladybird V1 6-AxisWalkera QR Ladybird V1 6-Axis 5.8Ghz FPVWalkera QR Ladybird V2 3-AxisWalkera QR Ladybird V2 3-Axis 5.8Ghz FPVWalkera Super CPWalkera Sup...

    • Brand: HobbyFlip
    • UPC: 885206315963

  • ANEWKODI 1200Mbps USB Wifi Adapter USB Wireless Adapter USB 3.0 Dual Band 2.4GHz/5.8GHz 867Mbps 802.11ac/b/g/n Wireless Adapter for Desktop/Laptop/PC, Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP, Mac OS

    ANEWKODI 1200Mbps USB Wifi Adapter is the newest model developed by our company. It support dual band, Maximum speed up to 867Mbps with 5.8GHz/802.11ac. you will get 300Mbps with 2.4GHz. The 5dBi antenna gives you the strongest signal and the most important thing is that you don't have to worry about someone stealing your Wi-Fi, because this product has WPS function. One key encryption and protect your wireless network security.This product is the best choice if your network needs help.ONLINE DRIVER LINK:http://ozlcrwml4.bkt.clouddn.com/RTL-600M&1200M_V1.3.zipHOW TO USE:1. Insert mini CD or download driver from online driver link to install the program.2. Insert the usb wifi adapter to connect any USB port.3. Open the "REALTEK USB Wireless LAN Utility", click "available networks", select the network signal and connect.FRIENDLY REMINDERS:1. Our company has a professional after-sales service team. If you have any questions or problems when using, please contact us immediately for a better solution.2. Please install the driver first, then insert the wifi adapter into USB ports.3. Please turn off the built-in Wi-Fi when you use this product on the laptop.( If your laptop has the built-in Wi-Fi ).4. Please plug the Wi-Fi dongle into the usb ports behind the computer host if you have a...

    • Color: 5dBi 1200 desigh
    • Brand: ANEWKODI
    • ASIN: B07DW2VWMH
    • UPC: 670046172858

  • Wolfwhoop WT5828 5.8G 600MW 32CH FPV Video Transmitter for Quadcopter

    Features: This WT5828 ultra-small ultra-light 5.8GHZ 32 channel 600mW FPV transmitter has super mini size and light weight, especially for small-scale multi-rotor current and ultra-light aircraft. There is a sufficient amount of power 600mW with stable performance, less heat, long distance transmission. Supply Current : 280mA Specifications: Output Impedance: 50 Ohm Output Power: 27-28dBm Operating Voltage: 7.0-24V Operating Temperature: -10-+85 C Video Band Width: 0-8.0 MHz Video Format: NTSC/PAL Video Input Level: 0.8-1.2 Vp-p Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm Audio Carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz Audio Input Level: 0.5-2.0 Vp-p Audio Input Impedance: 10K Ohm Antenna Connector: RPSMA Connector Package Included: 1 x WT5828 Transmitter 1 x Antenna 1 x Product manual 3 x Connect Cables Wolfwhoop is never good at brand promotion, the only thing we do is manufacturering. Wolfwhoop promise that every piece of product you bought from our store is made by Wolfwhoop self-owned factory. Keep real, keep factory direct. Save money, fly better. Please feel free to contact us if you have new ideas for fpv products.

    • Brand: Wolfwhoop
    • ASIN: B01LY57AUO
    • UPC: 712367586911

  • Mini FPV Receiver 5.8GHz 150CH UVC Video Downlink OTG Receiver for Android Phone Mobile Phone Smartphone

    DescriptionUse:Vehicles & Remote Control Toys Tool Supplies:Grinded For Vehicle Type:Airplanes Four-wheel Drive Attributes:Slot RC Parts & Accs:Connectors/Wiring Remote Control Peripherals/Devices:Motor Upgrade Parts/Accessories:Gear Material:Metal Technical parameters:Value3 Color:black Support Windows system computer and under below phone model For Samsung:S3 ( i9300, i9308) , S4 (I9500, I9507V, I9508, S5, S6, S6edge+,Note3, Note4, Note5, A5100, A8000, on7, P600(tablet), N7100, N5100(tablet), Tab s2(tablet),A5 nonsupportFor OPPO:A31, A31C, A33, A51, A53, A5M, N3, Find7, R7005,R7007, 3007, R2017, R8000, R8205, R8207, R7SM, R7 Plus, R9 PL1us, R9 PL1ustm AFor VIVO:X3S, X3V, X31, X5V, X5M, X5MAX, X5S1, X510T, X6, X6A, X710, XSHOT, xPLAyer5For XiaoMi:MI3, MI4, MI 4C, MI 5, MI (tablet), Red MI3, Red MI note 3, MI4C HTC: E8, M7, M8, M9For HUAWEI:Mate 8( NXT-AL10), C199, RIO-AL00 For LG:Gpro2, G3, Nexus5, L24, GPad8.3For ZTE:ZTE U9180, ZTE N9180, V5MaxFor MOTO:Xpro, nexus6, MOTO E, MOTO X, MZ617For SONY:Z1, Z2, Z3, C3, SGP321(tablet)For NUBIA:Z5S, Z7, Z7min, Z9min, Z9maxFor ASUS:Zenfone 2, Zenfone 5,Zenfone 6For Coo1pad:5952For Lenovo:TB2-X30MFor Letv:1X800,X900+ For Meizu:X2.(metal) Note:1.Before you buy, please make sure your phone model in this list to order2.There are 2 same connec...

    • Color: FPV Receiver 5.8GHz
    • Brand: FPVKing
    • ASIN: B074T6X1WM
    • UPC: 711005949767