• TORCO GM Chevy 4L80 4L80E Torque Converter - ALL engines

    Most DEPENDABLE converter you can buy at LOWEST price with over 27 years experience and over 99% satified customers. All units are remanufactured according to OEM specs or better. * Each part goes through 5-steps quality inspection * Each part is machined for smoothness & cleaness * We tig many of our converters as a standard procedure * All lockup surfaces are machined for smooth surface * All of our converters are pressure tested to prevent leaks * All of our converters are balanced for vibration * All of our converters are checked for runout * Finally, all of our converters are spin-checked using input shaft. We carry over 500 types of domestic and import torque converters to meet your needs.

    • Brand: Torco
    • ASIN: B07DK5MMDP

  • B&M 20400 Tork Master 2000 Torque Converter

    Upgrading to a Tork Master torque converter with a higher stall speed can give you better acceleration from a dead stop. It allows the engine to launch the car at a higher RPM, where more torque and power are available. This can be especially important if other modifications (like larger cams) have reduced your low end power and torque. The Tork Master 2000 has a stall speed of 1900-2100 RPM (based on an engine producing 230 lb. ft. of torque at 2500 RPM), so it is best suited for mild performance applications, such as vehicles with minor engine modifications that don't produce more than 350 horsepower. It has been rebuilt with a new precision alloy steel pump drive tube, and it is pressure tested and fully balanced Please Note: High stall torque converters can build extra heat, so supplementary transmission cooling is recommended to avoid premature transmission failure. This converter should not be used with a transbrake, and it requires a small (10-3/4") bolt circle flexplate or dual pattern flexplate.

    • Brand: B&M
    • ASIN: B000CIKBUE
    • UPC: 019695204006

  • Shift Rite Transmissions 4L80E 1991-1997 4L80E 6.2L 6.5L 7.4L Torque Converter Reman 454 MT1 Transmission Truck GM Shift Rite 4L80E

    Recon Brand Reman 4L80E Torque Converter, 6 Bolt, Lock-up, 13.75" Diameter, 1.703" Pilot, 35 Spline, 2.05" Hub Height. Will work for ALL 1991 - 1997 4L80E Transmissions with 6.5L Diesel Engines and 7.4L 454 Gas Engines ONLY! GM81 Part Number Low Stall. Comes with a 1 Year warranty!

    • Brand: Shift Rite
    • ASIN: B013CF13WS

  • B&M 70431 Traveler Torque Converter

    Fits GM 4L80E automatic transmissions. The Traveler converter is intended for use in motorhomes, tow vehicles or other Heavy Duty applications where a slightly higher stall speed is helpful in getting the vehicle moving. The Traveler is also stronger than a stock converter and has been internally modified to provide about 300 RPM more stall speed for help in initial acceleration without sacrificing normal highway operation. It is manufactured to B&M’s exacting tolerances for long life. Provides slightly higher stall speed than stock to improve pulling power at low speeds. Includes a new precision pump Drive tube, Heavy Duty needle bearings, is furnace brazed, new sprag and rollers in stator and is pressure tested and fully balanced.

    • Brand: B&M
    • ASIN: B004SCY11A
    • UPC: 019695704315

  • DACCO B81 Torque Converter Remanufactured - Fits Transmission(s): 4L80E ; 6 Mounting Pads With 11.500" Bolt Pattern

    DACCO Incorporated Auto Trans Torque Converter B81

    • UPC: 847338025615

  • Remanufactured DGM101 4L80E Torque Converter CONVERTERS

    Dynamic DGM101 4L80E Torque Converter CONVERTERS Transmission Info CONVERTERS:4L80E Torque Converter 1991 - 2006 Other Product Numbers DGM101DGM10112491333124913351780387017803872242004542420298924202990242029912420483524204836242049902421082924210862242114072421723624217238242172392421736324217609242193272421932924221718242279342422793924240862242408660401760B24640LS464186741948676528868059986826058682606868284986831528683154868348486834928683670868367186836758683676868470986850768685077868507886899608689961B81B81B82LSB81NSB82NSBU52BU54BU72GM81GM88GM88H

    • Brand: Transmaxx
    • ASIN: B072FM4RW2

  • Hughes Performance TH350/4L80E 2000 Stall Series Torque Converter P/N 22-20L

    Torque Converter. 2000 Stall Series. 2000 RPM Stall. TH350/4L80E. Priced Each.

    • Brand: Hughes Performance
    • ASIN: B01M3PSO03
    • UPC: 191215173112

  • ACDelco 24210864 GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Clutch Pulse Width Modulation Valve

    ACDelco GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Control Solenoids are GM-recommended replacements for your vehicle’s original components. These solenoids are electro-hydraulic valves that help control the flow of fluid within the control valve body. They also help control clutch application pressure. These original equipment solenoids have been manufactured to fit your GM vehicle, providing the same performance, durability, and service life you expect from General Motors.

    • Brand: ACDelco
    • ASIN: B0013FW1SK
    • UPC: 021625033433

  • JEGS Performance Products 60414 Torque Converter GM 4L80E/4L85E Lock-up 10 35-Sp

    Torque ConverterGM 4L80E/4L85E Lock-up10"35-Spline10.75"/11.5"/11.062" Triple Bolt CircleRated to 800 HPOversized Lock-up PlateBillet CoverStall Speed: 2900-3200 RPMFits LS Engines Fluid Capacity ChartPerformance Torque ConverterGeneral Application Chart *Advertised Camshaft DurationRear Gear RatioEngine RPM Range & Compression RatioConverter RPM Stall Speeds **Stock to 260°Stock to 3.231000-46008 to 9.51500 to 1700Stock to 265°Stock to 3.231400-50008 to 9.51600 to 1800265° to 280°3.00 to 3.731600-60009.5 to 10.52200 to 2400280° to 300°3.55 to 4.562000-65009.5 to 113000 to 3400280° to 310°3.73 to 4.882800-700010 to 11.53500 to 3800290°+3.73+3400-800010.5 to 123500+*This chart is a guideline. The stall speed may vary in your application.**Recommended for use with Small Block engines...

    • Brand: JEGS
    • ASIN: B07B6SY26M
    • UPC: 889944092582