• Handgun Sight Tool Universal for Front or Rear Dovetail Sights , Glock, 1911 or Other Handguns with Parallel Sided Slides.

    This is a rugged tool made for swapping or adjusting dovetail sights on Glocks, 1911 and other models of handguns with parallel sided slides, this tool is not as universal as the other tools we build but works great on slides with square sides ,, it does not work will on XD,XDM or any other slide with angled or notched sides ... Please look at the other tool we build to work on odd shaped slides.

    • ASIN: B016X5STKS

  • Ultimate Arms Gear Universal Sight Removal Installation Adjustment Pusher Tool Front and Rear Pistol Handguns

    Official product of Ultimate Arms Gear, brand new. Universal pistol sight tool designed for: removal, installation, and adjusting windage of dovetailed rear sights & front sights for most semi-auto pistol slides. Works with many types of semi-auto slides: full, compact, sub compact, & pocket sized semi-auto pistols. Includes: sight tool with 4 sets of blocks for flat sided slides, stepped profile slides, angled profile slides & notched blocks for decocker on slide.1. Choose the correct block for your slide, easiest to work with slide removed from pistol. 2. Adjust with bolt by pushing the sight towards the solid straight jaw, you should not be pushing towards thumbscrew. 3. Never push with blade area, only solid jaw. 4. Sight tool can be oiled for smoother movements. 5. Tighten thumb screw to secure slide, 6. Recommended to use soft material to cushion slide and prevent from scratching. 7. Turn bolt with wrench for adjustments, the sight will move into alignment. (Note: 10lbs of torque on a 6" wrench is equal to 1000lbs of torque pushed against the sight.) 8. In the case of a stuck sight that doesn't move do not force it. You will need to soak the slide in gun oil overnight or 48hrs to loosen it up. If it still doesn't move with moderately strong pressure then we recommend to tak...

    • Brand: Ultimate Arms Gear
    • UPC: 708445403546

  • Kensight DAS 1911 Defense Adjustable Rear Sight White Dot with Serrated Blade

    Kensight DAS 1911 Defense Adjustable Rear Sight White Dot with Serrated BladeKensight Gun Sights are used as original equipment for many of today's top manufacturers. This Kensight Defensive Adjustable Rear Sight is Fully Adjustable for both Windage and Elevation, and is an ideal low profile sight upgrade for a concealed carry pistol due to its thoroughly dehorned exterior with no sharp edges to cut hands or catch on clothing during the draw stroke. The rear sight body is Wire-EDM machined from 4140 Chrome Moly Steel that is then heat treated to a hardness of RC 38-40, ensuring tight part-to-part fit and long-lasting durability. Click-adjustments are positive and precise, allowing for reliable and consistent point of impact changes. This Kensight Rear Sight is equipped with a Partially Serrated Slanted Blade for reduced glare, and incorporates a High Visibility White Dot on either side of the sight notch that helps to funnel the shooter's attention toward the front sight post. This rear sight fits the popular Novak LoMount rear sight dovetail cut, often found on many factory-produced and custom 1911 pistols. Fits certain model Springfield Armory, Colt, Wilson Combat, STI International, Les Baer Custom, Rock River Arms, Dan Wesson 1911s and many others. Technical Information: Mate...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Kensight
    • ASIN: B003PLDBO8
    • UPC: 755377866789

  • TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights for Kimber Pistols, Kimber 1911 Models with Fixed Rear Sight

    Truglo BRITE-SITE tritium sight set 1911 Kimber front and rear sight cuts steel tritium green. These solid steel sights feature tritium inserts that glow bright green without the need for batteries. Perfect for low light shooting situations. Solid and fast 3 dot design.Features:- Truglo Kimber tritium handgun sight set front & rear green - front: green, rear: green - fits standard holsters specifications:- material: tritium - color: green front/rear - firearm type: Kimber""

    • Color: Kimber
    • Brand: TRUGLO
    • ASIN: B00162NSBO
    • UPC: 788130120279

  • TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights for Kimber 1911 Models with Fixed Rear Sight

    Truglo BRITE-SITE sight set 1911 Kimber front and rear sight cuts steel fiber optic Red front, green rear. These high contrast fiber optic sights feature a 3 dot pattern with a single Red front dot and 2 green rear dots. Fiber optic technology lets these lights Gather ambient light and direct it toward the shooter's eyes, making the sights glow bright without the need for batteries. Perfect for all types of daylight shooting.Features:- uses traditional fiber optic technology - cnc-machined steel construction - contrasting Red front and green rear - concealed fiber cannot be seen by target - fits standard holsters - snag-resistant design specifications:- fits the following models: Kimber - material: steel- adjustments: windage adjustable rear""

    • Color: Red/Green
    • Brand: TRUGLO
    • ASIN: B000YGPM26
    • UPC: 788130928899


    The Gen 4 Model of the Sylvan Arms Standard Sight Pusher, just released 2018, Originally released on 2014, has been massively upgraded. This tool, is Sylvan Arms Largest and most advanced sight pusher tool which was designed to be Universal so that it could adjust/remove/push/replace sights on any pistol from any make/model handgun. Made from hardened 9310 steel frame, 6160 aluminum blocks, with two distinct precision CNC Machined pusher blocks (one standard and one specialized for "snake eye" or "ringer" type sights), padded carry case, glock disassembly tool, and glock front sight removal tool, the Sylvan Arms Standard sight pusher package is the most complete sight pusher tool package available in it's price range. This is the only sight tool on the market that has a specialized pusher block that will work for the snake eye type sights.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Sylvan
    • ASIN: B013CA483E
    • UPC: 700153411097

  • U.S. Military 1911 .45 Auto Rear Sight

    This is a U.S. MILITARY U.S. 1911 .45 AUTO reproduction blued rear sight, 1/16'' Notch. It fits the following models: 1911 U.S. 1911 .45 AUTO U.S. MILITARY U.S. 1911 .45 AUTO, 1911A1

    • Color: Blued
    • ASIN: B00DGYCB4K
    • UPC: 702522570183

  • TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights for 1911 Pistols

    The TRUGLO BRITE-SITE Tritium Novak .260/.450 Set Night Sight offers amazing visibility in low-light shooting conditions or complete darkness. When the lights go out, your sidearm doesn't need to be left in the dark. Tritium night sights transition from standard white dot sights during the daylight, to glowing green dots in the dark. Tritium does not need batteries and does not need to be charged with light - it simply glows!

    • Color: multi
    • Brand: TRUGLO
    • ASIN: B00NEP3JJM
    • UPC: 788130019702

  • Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Mini Red Dot Scope Sight Pistol Mount Base for Colt 1911 Standard

    Thickness: 3mm (0.1 inch) weight (net): 12G (0.4ounce) high quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish designed for real fire caliber with 2 screws and 1 plate for installation, you need to remove your rear sight first.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Ade Advanced Optics
    • ASIN: B01L97361W
    • UPC: 710500205552