• TRICO Force 25-180 High Performance Beam Wiper Blade - 18" (Pack of 1)

    Cut through wind speeds of up to 135 MPH (220 KPH) and rely on the robust superstructure for durable all-weather performance with TRICO Force. HighGlide treated rubber technology is designed for quiet operation. SWIFT easy connect makes a secure fit and easy to install blade.

    • Brand: Trico
    • ASIN: B005WTPB2G
    • UPC: 027998251801

  • TRICO NeoForm 16-180 Wiper Blade with Teflon - 18" (Pack of 1)

    TRICO Neoform innovative design of the Memory Curve Steal beam will wrap to highly curved windshields, provides uniform pressure to deliver high wiping quality for all-weather conditions. Each wiper blade is pre-installed with unique adapters that are hard to find in the market for your vehicle, allowing for easy installation. The exclusive Teflon surface protector enhances wiping performance and longer blade life.

    • Brand: Trico
    • ASIN: B001BAIYII
    • UPC: 027998161803

  • TRICO 18-180 Flex Universal Beam Wiper Blade - 18" (Pack of 1)

    TRICO Flex delivers the utmost secure universal beam blade in the industry. The affordable advanced flexible blade with SWIFT fit technology, provides the necessary adapters for each blade, simple to follow instructions to make installation quick and easy. Superior all weather performance and a memory curve steel beam distributes pressure to the windshield for a clear, clean wipe.

    • Brand: Trico
    • ASIN: B003BZLG04
    • UPC: 027998181801

  • TRICO Ice 35-180 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blade - 18" (Pack of 1)

    Specially designed and ruggedly constructed, the TRICO Ice offers a synthetic-blended armor that is infinitely flexible. Engineered to protect critical wiper components from ice and snow, the TRICO Ice allows for exceptional winter weather visibility. SWIFT universal, one-click connection system for easy installation and advanced Teflon rubber technology delivers quiet operation and a cleaner wipe.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Trico
    • ASIN: B009M08UW4
    • UPC: 027998351808

  • TRICO Teflon Shield 20-180 Premium Hybrid Wiper Blade - 18"

    TRICO's Teflon SHIELD is an all-new crossover style blade. It provides the superior wiping performance of a beam blade with the added protection and styling of a hinged shell encasing the wiper. The wiper element is infused with Teflon surface protector which will withstand very high temperatures, significantly reduce friction and improve wear resistance which ensure a smoother wipe and a longer life.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Trico
    • ASIN: B0045V3PXO
    • UPC: 027998201806

  • Wypall X60 Reusable Cloths (34015) in Brag Box, White, 180 Sheets/Box, 1 Box/Case

    Pound for pound, WypAll X60 Cloths absorb more than two times as much water as rags. They bring the absorbing power of HydroKnit technology (for superior absorbency) to a lighter-weight cloth. Designed to outperform laundered rags, WypAll X60 Cloths help raise the standard for general-purpose cloths at a terrific value. They don’t use adhesives or binders, so they’ll leave no residue behind, and they’re reinforced for strength when wet or dry. They can be used for applying thinners and solvents, in cable lubricant removal, adhesive cleaning and removing grease and soil in tight areas. These cleaning towels come in a Brag Box dispenser and are so sturdy that they can often be used more than once (once you’ve used them a few times, they’re disposable). They’re designed to reduce waste so you spend less. When effectiveness and value top your list of criteria, you can trust WypAll X60 Reusable Wipes to deliver.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Kimberly-Clark Professional
    • ASIN: B0040ZOF5M
    • UPC: 036000340150

  • Trico 43-180 Steel Wiper Blade Refill - 18" (Sold as Pair)

    The 43 Series refills are designed to fit both Trico and Anco long metal frame wiper blades. These steel extruded rubber refills fit Trico tubular and Classic blades, as well as Anco's old 25 Series blades. Packaged as pair.

    • Brand: Trico
    • ASIN: B000CB2MNA
    • UPC: 027998431807

  • Kimberly Clark Safety 34015 White WYPALL X60 Wipers, 12.5" x 16.8" Sheets (Pack of 180)

    Great for tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs. Towel/Wipe Type: Dry Wipes Application: General PurposeHand Materials: HYDROKNIT.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Kimberly Clark Safety
    • ASIN: B00UBKK2HU
    • UPC: 036000060621

  • TRICO 30-180 Standard Wiper Blade - 18"

    TRICO standard wiper blades feature a pre-attached universal adapter for quick and wasy installation. They are engineered to have a better wrap on highly curved windshields, feature a longer life and a precision-cut wiping edge.

    • Brand: TRICO 30 Series
    • ASIN: B000PW0H7Y
    • UPC: 027998301803