• Cataract SGX Raft Oar Shaft-IceBlue-10'

    Cataract SGX Raft Oar Shaft - The Cataract SGX composite oar shaft is crafted for those brutal runs that really torture your oars. With increased stiffness, the SGX oar resists major displacement by massive whitewater surges and provides instant response and precision when it matters most. The SGX is also great for heavier boats.

    • Color: Ice Blue
    • Brand: Cataract
    • ASIN: B079LY7S8D
    • UPC: 817882014922

  • Cataract SGG Raft Oar Shaft-Black-10'

    Cataract SGG Composite Raft Oar Shaft - Legendary Cataract SGG Raft Oar Shafts are light and durable. Designed to flex like wood, they're ideal for drift-boat fishing or rowing big whitewater. The SGG provides efficient transfer of your muscle energy into stroke power. Practically indestructible, you must experience the SGG to believe it!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Cataract
    • ASIN: B079M5NSN5
    • UPC: 817882014489

  • Cataract SGX Oar Shaft - 10' - Ice Blue

    Cataract SGX Oar Shaft - The SGX Oar Shaft by Cataract performs like no other, translating muscle energy into stroke power more effectively than other oars, giving you the ultimate in oar responsiveness. You don't have to know rocket science to row a boat, but it helps to have gear made by a company who does. Cataract shafts are made with the same filament wound glass/carbon/epoxy composite technology used by the aerospace industry. The SGX model is ideal for the boater who wants a stiffer, lighter, longer oar on a heavier boat. It is 33% stiffer than the SGG shaft, is ground and painted for a smooth finish, and 1/8 inch grips cushion the handles. The removable blades are sold separately so that you can choose the width and brand that best suits your needs, while permitting easy storage and transport. Whether you are on your favorite river, or a hidden mountain lake, you will love the SGX Oar Shaft by Cataract.

    • Color: Ice Blue
    • Brand: Cataract
    • ASIN: B005M3G914
    • UPC: 817882010122

  • Cataract SGG Counter-Balanced Composite Raft Oar Shaft with Wrap & Stop-Black-010'

    Cataract SGG Counter-Balanced Composite Raft Oar Shaft w/ Wrap & Stop - The Cataract SGG Counter-Balanced Composite Raft Oar Shaft w/ Wrap & Stop have an internal counterbalance weight in the handle area. This offsets the weight of the blade and shaft past the oarlock for easy, low fatigue rowing for all-day rowing comfort during your adventure.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Cataract
    • ASIN: B07DVRJ7J1
    • UPC: 603403401216

  • Cataract SGG Raft Oar Shaft with Wrap & Stop-Black-10'

    Cataract SGG Raft Oar Shaft with Wrap & Stop - Legendary Cataract SGG composite oar shafts are light and durable. Designed to flex like wood, they're ideal for drift-boat fishing or rowing big whitewater. These oars come wrapped with rope and a rubber oar stop. Practically indestructible, you must experience the SGG to believe it!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Cataract
    • ASIN: B079M99FW7
    • UPC: 603403401155

  • Newport Vessels 10-Feet 6-Inch Newport Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat - USCG Rated (White/Gray)

    High quality & heavy duty salt & freshwater inflatable sport dinghy tender boat. Boat is tested and designed for both 15" short shaft outboards and 20" long shaft. For optimal performance we recommend a 15" short shaft outboard. Can handle both 2 or 4 stroke motors. Comes with all original paperwork needed for easy and hassle free registration. Newport Vessels is USCG rated and registered. Unique and original Hull ID/HIN numbers with each boat Comes with Newport Vessels 2 year warranty.

    • Color: White/Gray
    • Brand: Newport Vessels
    • ASIN: B004BCSRLW
    • UPC: 609465711218

  • Cataract X-Wound Raft Oar Shaft-Black-10'

    Cataract X-Wound Composite Raft Oar Shaft - The Cataract X Wound composite oar shaft is wickedly lightweight and extremely responsive. With similar flex and rebound performance to the SGG, the X Wound shaves weight by using an all-carbon exterior layer on the shaft, adding up to less muscle strain and fatigue during big days on the water.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Cataract
    • ASIN: B079LTK6LP
    • UPC: 817882015011

  • Inflatable Sport Boats Killer Whale 10.8' - Model 330 - Aluminum Floor Dinghy with Seat Bag

    INFLATABLE SPORT BOATS are universally used in fresh and saltwater environments in numerous ways around the world. These inflatable dinghy tender sport boats are built tough for rough ocean water, emergency situations, tendering groups of people, fishing, recreationally, or even on a calm pond behind your house. Regardless of the environment, it is nice to know you can always rely on the quality and durability of your Inflatable Sport Boat. Industry leading: Larger diameter tubes, "Easy Planing" extended 30" rear pontoons, reinforced transom, entirely heat welded seams and .9 mm 1100 denier thick PVC material. Our goal is to eliminate the problematic areas on dinghies such as glued material, weak transoms, and problematic nose cones. We stand behind the quality of our Sport Boats with our 3 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty. OUR MISSION is to provide a premium dinghy at a reasonable price by directly shipping to the end consumer. By eliminating middle men, dealers, and distributors you get the best price possible and immediate direct customer service from our manufacturer at our California location. Please call us for any additional questions or concerns at 530-268-4757.   INFLATABLE SPORT BOATS can be propelled manually or motorized. Compatible with either 2 or 4 stroke motors...

    • Color: white
    • Brand: Inflatable Sport Boats
    • ASIN: B01G7SCRSQ
    • UPC: 898698000040

  • Seamax Ocean320 Heavy Duty 10.5 Feet Inflatable Boat with Rigid Aluminum Floor and V-Shape Soft Bottom (Dark Grey)

    EASY TO GO Easy to set up, our Heavy Duty inflatable boats will take you for a fun day of exploration at the bay, river or lake. Once deflated, it can be easily stored in your car or mini van. Inflatable boats will take you there, away from the waters edge and closer to the fish. If you like to spend weekends being closer to nature, then an inflatable boat is for you. If you have an RV or go camping, most likely you will be by the water. Take an inflatable boat with you. Once deflated and folded, SEAMAX inflatable boat takes up about as much space as a medium bag. You can store it in the trunk of a car, locker, under the stairs or in the corner of the garage, ready for the next weekend or holiday. STABLE Being an inflatable, SEAMAX Boats have a low center of gravity. It is practically impossible to capsize it. Whether stationary or cruising, SEAMAX inflatable boats are always stable. You can stand up when fishing, children are safe, and mooring is simple. Seamax is great as a family boat. QUALITY STANDARD Seamax Boats have Exceptional quality workmanship that is unmatched by most other boats. All models are registered with Transport Canada, and Recognized by US Coast Guard & DMV Office. Warranty is 1 year full coverage, 3 years for seam, 5 years for fabric.

    • Color: Dark Grey
    • Brand: SEAMAX
    • ASIN: B00CL12J6E