• Kustom High Voltage Series Hybrid Tube 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head

    To maximize the tube's distinctive audio characteristics and dynamic range, the HV preamp circuit operates at higher voltage levels. The resulting tone is rich, dynamic and loaded with harmonic content. The HV100THD takes this same flexible circuitry and offers it in a classic head format that is perfect for use with Kustom 4x12 speaker cabinets. The HV100THD offers the same two-channel layout, with Gain and Master Volume controls. This Dual Master system provides natural tube overdrive and compression on both channels and great for dialing in medium-gain tones with ease. But when you're ready for gain, stand back, because these models bring it with a vengance. From singing lead tones to heavy grinding rhythms, it's all inside. Tone controls consist of passive Bass, Middle and Treble controls on both channels that are the same specification as those found on Kustom award winning, all-tube Coupe amplifiers. The Speaker-Emulated Direct Out and variable, footswitchable Volume Boost are also borrowed from the Coupe. The Boost is a cool feature in itself, allowing players to dial in the perfect volume level for solos whether clean or dirty and then activate this boost using the optional HV footswitch. The icing on the cake is the 24-Bit Digital Multi-Effects System. It provides 16 hig...

    • Brand: Kustom
    • ASIN: B004YDMH82
    • UPC: 701963019411

  • Fender Bassman 100T 100-Watt Tube Bass Amp Head

    Powerful, innovative and versatile for stage and studio alike, theBassman 100T is a professional-level 100-watt tube head withenormous Fender bass sound and sparkling vintage Fender looks.Its dual-channel design uses modern technology to maximizeclassic technology, with classic Fender late-’60s/early-’70s“blackface” styling and a wealth of innovative features on the frontand rear panels.Features include a tube preamp (two 12AX7s) and power amp (one12AT7 and four 6L6s); Vintage channel that delivers the full, warmsound of a classic Fender passive tone stack; Overdrive channelthat delivers the aggressive and responsive sound of a modernactive tone stack (choose between channels with includedfootswitch); rear-panel Fender Automatic Bias system thatconstantly monitors and re-biases tubes for perfect performanceand alerts you when service is required; XLR output that deliversoverdriven power amp tone (great for recording); rear-panel OutputPower switch that lets you play or record at full 100-watt power, quieter25-watt power, or silently via internal power soak (which capturesthe signal post-power amp); impedance switch (8, 4 or 2 ohms) andmaster volume with push/pull mute.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Fender
    • ASIN: B006ZMO148
    • UPC: 885978099498

  • Marshall JCM900 4100 100W 2-Channel Tube Head

    Rock out like a pro with the Marshall JCM900 4100 all-tube guitar amplifier head! You'll be ready to lay huge guitar sounds down at any gig with 100 tube-fired watts at your command. The JCM900 features two channels that share a 4-band EQ. Channel A goes from sparkly clean to fat and nasty chunk. Channel B goes from dirty to over-the-top molten distortion with tons of sustain and saturation. From weeding gigs to massive metal clubs, the Marshall JCM900 guitar amp head has the tones and firepower you need to rock the show!

    • Brand: Marshall
    • ASIN: B00C109B1G
    • UPC: 685450382854

  • Orange Dual Dark 100 100/70/50/30W, Class A/B 2-channel High Gain Tube Head

    The Orange Dual Dark Series is a range of high-end dual channel amps. Put simply, these amps showcase Orange Amplification at their most innovative. The new amps build on the brand's reputation for creating the ultimate British guitar tone. Bringing a new dimension of sound that delivers potent combinations of tone.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Orange
    • ASIN: B00KUWX46A

  • EVH 5150 III 100S EL34 100 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

    Experience classic EL34 tone - the sound that helped power Eddie Van Halen's groundbreaking work on his earliest Van Halen albums - and lethal gold and black looks in the ferocious new EVH 5150IIIS 100S EL34 Head. The EL34 power tubes deliver smoother contours, and greater sag and saturation that evoke a more modern "British" sound, all with more sustain and versatility than ever before. Channel one boasts an even finer clear-and-compressed clean tone, while channels two and three now possess even more compression and saturation.

    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: EVH
    • ASIN: B01JBX7YOG
    • UPC: 885978727568

  • Marshall JCM800 2203X 100W Tube Head

    Who plays the Marshall JCM800 2203? Heavy metal rockers like Slayer's Kerry King and the ferocious Zakk Wylde, to name a couple. Notice a trend? The JCM800 2203 packs 100-watts of all-tube fury, ready to pummel the audience and sound great doing it. It's not a clean amp, and it's not a quiet amp - but the JCM800 2203 is ready to rock, HARD. It gained popularity in the late '70s, and by the '80s the JCM800 was defining the sound of heavy metal. So if you're ready to rock the stadium, step up to the Marshall JCM800 2003 guitar amp head and plug in.

    • Color: Assorted Colors
    • Brand: Marshall
    • ASIN: B0002KZQGG

  • ENGL Amplification E 765 Retro Tube Head 100W

    ORGANIC... ALMOST ALIVE Take a step into a world of some of the most amazing tones ENGL has ever created and journey into vintage soundscapes. The new ENGL Retro Tube 100 head features two channels of retro sound variety. Channel One offers warm and silken or well-dressed, sparkling clean sounds and very harmonic crunch sounds with ENGL's version of Class A character. Channel Two is a perfectly suited warm overdrive channel offering a wide range of retro tones for the ambitious guitar player. 100% cutting in the studio. 100% convincing on the stage. 100 watts of Retro Tube power. It's so organic, it's almost alive. 2 Channels, Clean, Lead, Gain boost switch for both channels, Bright switch for the clean channel, Tone switch for the lead channel, separated Gain and Volume controls for each Channel, two 3-band EQs, Noise Gate with threshold adjust for the lead channel with gain boost on, FX loop (serial to parallel adjustable) switchable via foot switch, 4x ECC83 tubes

    • Brand: ENGL Amplification
    • ASIN: B017GZ24NM

  • EVH 5150III 100S Head 100-watt Special Run Tube Head - Black ??Stealth??

    Limited Edition 5150 III 100S 100W Tube Guitar Head Black. "This limited edition hand-customized EVH 5150 III 100S 100W guitar amp head is identical to the setup Eddie Van Halen has recently toured with, and features the exact same custom modifications. The 100-watt head features a single input and three channels (clean, crunch, lead), each with versatile controls (volume, gain, presence, low, mid, high). Channel two features increased gain for greater sustain and is re-voiced for improved low-mid frequency definition; channel three also features increased gain and improved range for the A"lowA control. Further, each channel has a rear-panel resonance control knob that dials in fine-tuned low-end response. The amp boasts eight JJ 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp tubes, four Shuguang 6L6 power tubes, switchable output impedance (4, 8 and 16 ohms) and adjustable bias control. Other features include vintage-style A"chicken headA control knobs, red jewel, dual speaker jacks, effects loop, direct out and molded plastic handle. The 5150III 100S head comes in a special black A"StealthA aesthetic; and a seven-pin, four-button footswitch is included (controls each channel and the effects loop)."

    • Brand: EVH
    • ASIN: B00GG21190
    • UPC: 885978474646

  • Vacuum Tube Set for EVH 5150III? 100W HEAD, Tube Amp Doctor brand tubes

    (8)T-12AX7-PS-TAD (1)T-6L6GC-TAD-MQ, which contains (4) T-6L6GC-TAD

    • Brand: AP Tubesets
    • ASIN: B00TQ8BPAG
    • UPC: 609722169127