• Skywalker Signature Series Aluminum Ground Lug 10 for Gauge Wire Ul Listed

    UL Listed Aluminum Ground Lug for 10awg Wire

    • Brand: Skywalker
    • ASIN: B009ONQI64
    • UPC: 852659299072

  • Skywalker Signature Series Single-gang Drywall Bracket, Qty10

    No more plastic cut-in boxes needed! Use these handy brackets to install a low voltage outlet box in existing drywall. Crafted to fit the industry single-gang standard, these brackets can be used for volume controls, switches, or wall plates. It's perfect for retrofit and aftermarket installations! Simply cut the hole, insert the plate and use the provided screws to secure into place. Once finished, install desired cords, and cover with a faceplate of your choice. Please note: designed for low voltage class 2 applications ONLY - 120V devices should not be used with this bracket.

    • Brand: Skywalker
    • ASIN: B00ARKA7CY
    • UPC: 852659307746

  • Skywalker Signature Series Write-on 3in Cable Ties, Qty100

    It's one thing to manage your wires and cables, but it's another thing to keep everything neatly labeled for easy reference later on. That's what these are for. Our 3" Skywalker Cable Ties are a sturdy organization solution that provides a quick and easy way to mark and identify cables. Use them to identify drops in pedestals and enclosures, or simply label the component that each wire is connected to. The write-on area is even large enough to inscribe important data such as address, dates, audit teams, and more. Quick and Hassle Free These cable ties are designed for maximum speed, flexibility and safety, letting you easily insert and arrange cables as you need without damaging your cables or yourself. Resealable Package This product comes in a resealable package to prevent spill-outs and to keep you organized.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Skywalker
    • ASIN: B009XGME0G
    • UPC: 852659302710

  • Skywalker Signature Series Roof Sealant Tape

    Make a permanent weather-proof seal every time with this extra-wide tape. Roll out a 6-inch piece and place under your satellite dish foot for mounting on roof! Great for cold weather applications, it maintains a flexible, tight seal and holds fast to many surfaces. Features high dielectric strength and resistance to water and corrosive chemicals.

    • Brand: Skywalker
    • ASIN: B00A7B4D3W
    • UPC: 852659305087

  • Skywalker Signature Series I-beam Ground Clamp Ul Listed

    UL Listed I-Beam Ground Clamp for 10ga wi

    • Brand: Skywalker
    • ASIN: B009ONK2HU
    • UPC: 852659299058